Vodafone 360 Samsung H1 Coming October 30th

Vodafone 360 H1The first mobile phone to bring users the new Vodafone 360 service, the Vodafone 360 Samsung H1, is set to become available on the 30th of October.

The mobile phone will come to users for free on a 24 month contract of £35 or more, which includes an unlimited data package. Customers are able to pre order the handset from Vodafone’s online store now.

The mobile phone is the first of a number of handsets custom made for the company to use the Vodafone 360 internet services for mobiles and computers. Vodafone 360 attempts to combine a users friends, social networks, online communities, games, music, videos and photographs all in one convenient place.

The Samsung H1 mobile phone boasts a very nice 3.5 inch high resolution OLED display, 16 GB of internal memory, Wi Fi connectivity, a max talk time of more than 400 minutes, as well as a 5 mega pixel camera. It also has a funky 3D display that immediately brings your most used contacts to the front of your screen when the handset is turned on.

Vodafone 360 also automatically syncs up all contacts from your mobile phone, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk accounts, as will soon include Twitter contacts as well. Another big plus here is that all of your content is automatically backed up online, meaning that it can be replaced if it is ever lost –something that would have helped with the recent Sidekick problems in America.

Other mobile phones and operating systems from a number of different phone makers are able to access Vodafone 360, and even non Vodafone customers can make use of some of the services, including linking them to their social networking services via their handsets.


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