Vertu Announces New Handset

Vertu Constellation F AyxtaVertu has just unveiled their latest mobile phone, the Vertu Constellation F Ayxta – the first flip phone produced by the company and part of the Constellation collection, it includes many innovative new features.

Thanks to a sleek hinge using ruby bearings, (which are visible and beautiful,) the phone opens smoothly. Once open one will note that the Constellation F Ayxta also provides GPS functionality, letting the phone know what city its user is in and then suggest various dining and entertainment options for that particular location. The external display is also a full touch screen and can be used to see caller ID or read messages quickly and easily without having to actually flip open the mobile phone. The casing is constructed from stainless steal and aluminium with the choice of either a stainless steel or ceramic keypad and a real leather exterior.

The Constellation F Ayxta has evolved significantly from the original travel themed Constellation models, with the mobile phone aimed at users who are looking for a high end, high class handset to suit their high standard of living wherever they might be in the world. The mobile phone offers plenty of features for balancing both normal social activities and business related options and is designed to let you take your work with you.

The Vertu Constellation F Ayxta doesn’t come cheap however, with the lower end body costing €4,900 (approximately £4,477,) and the high end handset setting you back a whopping €6,500 (approximately £5,939.)

As nice as the handset is with its rubies and real leather exterior we can’t help but think that even for a luxury mobile phone, the price isn’t right.


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