1GHz Toshiba TG01 Exclusive to Orange

toshiba-tg01-to-be-orange-exclusiveThe much anticipated Toshiba TG01 was released last week at a special Orange event. The phone, which is exclusive to the Orange network, has been attracting attention due to its impressive 1GHz Snapdragon processor.  The TG01 operates on Windows Mobile 6.1, and Toshiba say they will upgrade this to Windows Mobile 6.5 when it is released. Like many phone manufacturers adopting the Microsoft OS Toshiba have tried to disguise it with their own interface, and the 3D Toshiba ‘split menu’ design is innovative and intuitive although perhaps not as glamorous as some of its rivals.

The TG01 features a very spacious 4.1” touch screen, with an 800 x 480 LED backlit display that improves dark movie scenes. The video playback, which features dynamic gamma correction, and the 3D touch interface certainly benefit from the Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The screen uses resistive technology rather than capacitive which may disappoint some, although this decision was made to allow for handwriting recognition.

The TG01 features an accelerometer which allows for gesture activated controls such as shaking the phone to answer a call. You can also switch between applications by tilting the device left and right. Although the camera is only 3.2 megapixels, it fits nicely into the slender 70 x 130 x 9.9mm device.

The TG01 has been criticised because despite its sleek design it does not offer much more than other Windows Mobile devices. While its 4.1” display is crystal clear the only feature that makes this phone stand out is the 1GHz processor. This is great for video playback and a smooth interface, although there are many phones available with better interfaces.

The Toshiba TG01 is available exclusively on Orange for £39.15 per month on a 24 month contract. The phone comes with 1,200 free minutes to any network and unlimited texts. There is also access to many Orange services including Orange World and Orange TV & Video that includes Sky 24/7 Football which certainly benefits from the Snapdragon processor and 3G connection.


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