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Sony Ericsson Idou: The Daddy!

Monday, May 4th, 2009
Sony-Ericsson-IdouSony Ericsson has finally proven that they are no doubt the world’s top leading camera phone manufacturing company when they introduced their latest invention, Sony Ericsson Idou (world’s first handset with 12 MP of camera) at World Mobile Congress at Feb, 2009. Besides 12 MP of camera, Sony Ericsson Idou features Video LED flash, xenon flash, Auto-Focus, smile and face detection. Additionally, Geo-tagging feature has also been included focusing today’s people desire.
This smart phone features TFT touchscreen of 3.5 inches, supporting up to 16M colors. Moreover, as the handset supports GPRS, Bluetooth 2.0, EDGE, and HSCSD, you can have an outstanding internet experience as you probably never thought if it’d be possible via a mobile phone.
Sony-Ericsson-Idou-OffersObviously, it’s not a mere deal to purchase Sony Ericsson Idou, which is the world’s first mobile phone featuring 12 Megapixels of camera. Although it is worth purchasing Sony Ericsson Idou as it features completely a 12 Megapixels digital camera, affording for it at once is quite tougher task for many. However, thanks to O2 because many people now can easily get themselves a Sony Ericsson Idou without any trouble. Actually, O2 is offering its customers from all over the globe with Sony Ericsson Idou in a regular basis. If you purchase Sony Ericsson Idou on O2, you don’t have to pay for it in a whole sum payment and this is why O2 is gaining skyrocketing popularity day by day. O2 lets you to purchase Sony Ericsson Idou on contract and the best thing about purchasing contract mobile phones is that you can pay for it on installment basis and can even reduce the amount of your monthly installments if you find it hard to afford on it. Moreover, you can check out Sony Ericsson Idou reviews if you still want to ensure whether or not it’s a wiser decision to purchase Sony Ericsson Idou. 

sony ericsson idou soon to hit the markets

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Sony-Ericsson-12-mega-pixel-IdouThe official announcement of the launch of Sony Ericsson Idou came by February 2009 and ever since that, I was researching to find out what is so special about this mobile phone. Now, I have a clear understanding about Sony Ericsson Idou on Virgin and I am looking forward for the release in the third quarter of 2009.

The 111*54*15mm mobile phone has a wide range of features making it a real wonder for any mobile phone user. The TFT touch screen, support for 16M colors and the accelerometer makes the mobile phone highly useful. The sim free mobile phones works on Symbian OS and has various interesting features including messaging using SMS, MMS and Email. The phonebook provided is one of the highlights exhibited by the Sony Ericsson Idou contracts. It has unlimited entries and fields and supports photocall. The GPRS support in the mobile phone allows for 32-48 Kpbs transfer and the 3G supports 3.6Mbps. You have to buy it from trusted dealers and you will never find this quite difficult as there are a quite large number of dealers providing best quality products from Sony electronics. Trying for the best contract has become relatively easy with the various changes happening in the world of mobile phones. The mobile phone networks are already set to take this contract and you will easily find some best deals there. Getting this swanky designer phone at attractively low prices is no longer a distant dream.

When you get Sony Ericsson Idou with free gifts, ensure that it has a VGA videocall camera, geo-tagging and smile detection facilities etc. the WLAN supported is Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and the Bluetooth provided is v2.0 with A2DP. The 12 MP camera allows autofocus and has video LED flash integrated with it.

the idou is coming

Monday, April 20th, 2009
Sony-Ericsson-Idou-FrontSony Ericsson, the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer, has finally launched their world’s first 12 Mega-Pixels camera phone, Sony Ericsson Idou, in the month of February, 2009. With 12-Mega-pixels of camera, Auto-focus feature, video LED flash, smile and face detection, and xenon flash, there’s no doubt that the captured photographs will be of extremely high quality with better resolution and true colors. Additionally, the mobile phone also offers Geo-tagging facility that seems to gain more popularity these days.
This smart phone arrives with 3.5” of TFT touchscreen with 16M colors and the TFT touchscreen features resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. When it comes to surfing over the internet with Sony Ericsson Idou, it’s no doubt an awesome experience. The mobile phone supports Wi-fi, GPRS, 3G, HSCSD, and EDGE. Moreover, not necessary to mention it includes Bluetooth 2.0 as well.  
Sony Ericsson Idou is not entirely designed on offering best picture via the mobile phone, but it also features outstandingly superb audio music experience. The player integrated supports MP3, AAC, and MPEG4 as well. There is also a built-in stereo FM tuner, thus, you’ll never have to miss your favorite radio show.  
Of course, world’s first 12 Mega-Pixels mobile phone, Sony Ericsson Idou, is not cheaper option to deal with. It arrives with quite huge price in the market. However, if you have decided to get yourself a Sony Ericsson Idou anyhow, then the best Sony Ericsson Idou deals are probably possible to be explored out on Orange. You will be able to purchase the Sony Ericsson Idou on Orange, you’ll not only be able to pay for your phone on monthly installments basis but you’ll also be offered with various Sony Ericsson Idou free gifts and can also get sim free mobile phones.  

i want an idou and i want one now

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Sony-Ericsson-Idou-OffersSony Ericsson IDOU is one more mobile model produced by Sony Ericsson for its users. The meaning of word “Idou” in Japanese language is change and it indicates that his model will be launched with many changes. Idou is only a temporary codename of this model. This new handset is termed as best mobile phone of Sony Ericsson. This model shall operate on the fifth edition of S/W platform of S60. Sony Ericsson IDOU comes with many interesting features. Because of many interesting features, Sony Ericsson Idou contract will be tried by many.

This phone has a sleek look and it is very light in weight. When held in hand, this phone appears to be lighter than it looks. Like other previous models, this phone is also equipped with an excellent inbuilt camera of 12 mp resolution. The features that this camera offers are auto focus, face detection, smile shutter, geo-tagging, LED flash and Xenon flash for recording videos and photography. The camera of this phone is operated by shutter button, playback button, volume-zoom rocker and video alternator. In this phone, smile shutter feature is used to capture the image when an individual smiles. This handset allows touching a region on screen to focus and this feature is called touch focus. Auto rotation feature is also provided in this phone. In addition to this, new schemes may be introduced to offer Sony Ericsson Idou free gifts to promote sales.

The phonebook of this phone has unlimited fields and entries. It can keep the records of 30 dialed, received and missed calls. Touch screen display of this phone is 3.5 inches with 16 M colors and its resolution is 360×640 pixels. It has a secondary camera used in video calls. Ambience light sensor is also present which is used to control brightness degree in keypad. Power button is placed on the upper part of phone. Sony Ericsson Idou on T-Mobile may also be desired.

This mobile phone has selected Symbian OS over Google Android. The smoothness of screen also attracts the mobile users. This mobile phone has M2 memory card and comes with the opportunity to expand. The latest additions will be MediaGo software and PlayNow Arena. This phone is also a great offer for music lovers and new schemes may be introduced to offer sim free mobile phones.

The Ultimate Sony Ericsson Idou

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Sony-Ericsson-Idou-FrontThe phone comes with a 12.1 megapixel camera with a wide touch screen display, Xenon flash, 3.5G support, WiFi and GPS. It is an exciting device and is awaited eagerly in the market. The company has not specified any date of release of the phone into the market but is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2009. The price too has not been given out by the company. The device promises to be an interesting blend of innovation and functionality and I am eagerly waiting to lay my hands on one of the most interesting contract mobile phones.

The detailed features of the mobile have not been given out by the company but whatever has been given is adequate to get a general idea of the phone. It is equipped with a 3.5" touchscreen display. The phone is based around the "Entertainment Unlimited" theme. It seems like this phone would be the start of entertainment handsets. The network of the phone will be GSM + UMTS. We will be able to get the Sony Idou on Vodafone.

Sony-Ericsson-12-mega-pixel-IdouWith its 12.1 megapixel camera Sony seems to have begun the megapixels war afresh. Every Sony Ericsson mobile, apart from the XPERIA X1, have used the UIQ interface running on top of Symbian. The use of the UIQ stopped in 2008. The Idou will therefore use the new operating system from the Symbian system. The company has given a strange name “idou” which might not remain when the device hits the market. "idou" is a Greek word which means "Behold". Customers will be able to avail of a lot of deals on Sony Idou with free gifts.

There are sure to be a number of Sony Ericsson Idou deals and customers will surely benefit from the wide choice available.

The Sony Ericsson Idou is coming…

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Sony-Ericsson-Idou-OffersSony Ericssion Idou is an exciting mobile phone that might be released in Q2, 2009. The company has however not given any date of its release and has also not mentioned the pricing of the mobile. The information that has been released about the mobile promises to make it one of the most interesting contract mobile phones to be on the look out for. The mobile is available with a 12.1 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, a large touch screen display, WiFi, 3.5G support and GPS. The mobile blends in functionality and creativity in a wonderful way and customers are waiting eagerly for its release.

The mobile phone has a 3.5" touchscreen display. It revolves around the theme of "entertainment unlimited". The device is poised to herald a new trend in the mobile sector with the introduction of this theme. The phone is expected to be used in GSM + UMTS network. Customers will be able to get the Sony Ericsson Idou on Vodafone

The phone will have a 12.1 megapixel camera and this is sure to again start the megapixels war among the phone companies. Leaving aside XPERIA X1 each Sony Ericsson phone use the UIQ interface which was stopped in the year 2008. The new model will have an operating tool from the Symbian. The mobile has been given the rather strange name of "idou" which is expected to be removed when the product is released into the market. "idou" , a Greek word means "Behold" in English. There will be a lot of Sony Ericsson Idou deals when the product is released. Customers will be able to buy Sony Ericsson Idou with free gifts

Sony Ericsson Idou pics by Planete Nokia

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Exclusive Sony Ericsson Idou pictures by Planete Nokia:

Idou the first even 12 mega pixel camera phone

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Sony Ericssson IdouOn the eve of the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Sony Ericsson announces an 8 mega pixel and a 12 megas pixel addition to their mobile phone range. Sony Ericsson comes to the MWC this year round with a new mission: “entertainment unlimited” in their own worlds, in other worlds the combining of entertainment and communication.

Today, I really want to concentrate on the first ever 12.1 mega pixel camera, codename “Idou”. Such a large resolution camera has never been seen on a mobile phone previously. The last big hype was last year with the release of 8 mega pixel camera in abundance, including the Sony Ericsson X1, Samsung Pixon, LG Renoir and Sony Ericsson C905 to name a few. The Sony Ericsson Idou knocks these out of the park. Sony Ericsson must see an opening into the digital camera market, with UK mobile phone markets looking at a 9% decrease in 2009, who can blame them.

The Idou is 111 mm x 54 mm x 15 mm and 3.5-inch widescreen touch screen with support for 16 million colours and a resolution of 600 x 480 pixels. Not only does it boasts an impressive camera but also integrates features from the Sony Ericsson walkman range (music and playback) to create an impressive multimedia entertainment device.

We expect to see the Sony Ericsson Idou on contract (or whatever it will be called by the release) in the second half on 2009. This looks like one of the best phones that will be released this year, I for one cannot wait.