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Sony Xperia Play

Friday, February 11th, 2011

By now we are all aware of the fact that Sony Ericsson has made the XPERIA play official. The company did so at last weekend’s Super Bowl where an ad depicting the device was shown to millions of hungry football fans.

In the commercial, a man was running along a dimly lit city street passing dingy workers rushing to deliver something to a surgeon. Only thing about the surgeon is he was grafting human legs and thumbs to a 3 foot replica of Google’s famous Android robot.

The commercial had been leaked before, but this was the first time that it as being shown in all its glory, err goriness. In the commercial, thanks to the thumbs from the human, the Android robot is able to use the XPERIA Play, yes, creepy, but then again we can always assume the limbs were from a cadaver so no harm done right? The Android robot seems delighted by the end of the commercial as its antenna continues flipping back and forth with glee.

And why not, after all, the phone it is using sports a 1GHz processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread and all the power of the Android marketplace such as Gmail, GoogleTalk, GoogleVoice, Google Maps, Google Goggles, and if your phone is lost Outlook Mobile Security, not to mention the fact that gaming will now be second nature to Android, thanks to Sony’s resolution to bring the PlayStation world to Android.

Yes, the commercial is highly disturbing but I’m sure Sony achieved its objective, it had more than a few people talking about the commercial, and in today’s world, the more controversial a commercial is, the more effective it is as well. Then again Sony is no stranger to controversy, thanks to its previous PlayStation 3 commercials which dabbled in scenes from World War 2 which were none too pleasant.

Source: YouTube

SE’s Zeus Z1 Gaming Phone Gets a Release Date

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

2011 is just around the corner and now is a great time to start looking ahead at all the great tech that is coming our way. One special mention is none other than Sony Ericsson’s gaming smart phone that is due to arrive in March of next year. While there device could still be subject to a few delays and unpredictable issues, this is certainly something to look forward to –at the very least, knowing that it will be released by the month of March gives us all time to adjust our budgets.

But is the so-called Playstation phone really worth investing on? Before we go about throwing titles, the nickname of Playstation phone did not originate from Sony Ericsson, but from eager fans. The fact of the matter is this device might not be Playstation branded at all. While Sony may have allowed SE to actually use the button icons for the device (the square, circle, triangle and cross buttons), the fact is that no form of Playstation branding appears on the handset. This is evidently seen in the initial images of the Zeus Z1. While this may change once the device is manufactured (it would be so easy to squeeze in the logo or brand name), the current status quo for the handset is that it will not be a Playstation phone.

Still, this device will certainly have gaming at its core. The direction pad, shoulder triggers and the buttons all confirm this: precision gaming controls. This will certainly be enticing for developers to create games that require very precise controls to be enjoyable (action platformers, fighting games, flight simulations).

As for the shoulder triggers –these have never been seen in images, but the SDK for the Android 2.3 reveals event code for L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons (which is Sony’s famous names for the shoulder triggers).

PSP Phone: Opposing Views from Smart Phone Fans

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

The announcement of the PSP Phone is almost surprisingly making the smart phone industry pretty excited. This is odd, because despite the fact that the handset is being rumored as an Android device and will have a touch screen display, the fact remains that this is a gaming handheld with phone capabilities –not a gaming-centric mobile phone.

Unlike the Apple iPhone or the HTC Desire, the PSP Phone is a modified PSP device. This means that above all else, it is a gaming handheld first and a smart phone second. In fact, the only thing that the gaming industry can look forward to with this device is the fact that it will consolidate two gadgets into a single device –which is quite convenient to carry around, but at the same time, raises concerns about text messages, emails and voice calls cutting into gaming time.

That can be most inopportune at times; after all, one can ignore the discreet hum of a mobile phone when playing through a climactic battle, the same cannot be said about a sudden text message breaking you timing of a critical special combo in a boss fight.

Another major difference in opinion is the fact that smart phone users want more casual games –which is practically not the direction that Sony wants to go for. While instant playability is a good feature, the PSP Phone (or Sony Playstation Phone, depending on who you believe) is more than silly app games. The system will need to have hardcore RPG titles, high impact action games and of course, the tight combat feel of serious fighting games.

The bottom line here, no casual gamer with a smart phone will switch to a PSP (they are better off investing in a tablet). After all, the price of a PSP phone will not be cheap making it something that specifically targets gamers. So the next time someone states that the PSP needs titles that are like Angry Birds, they can stick to their vanilla smart phones instead.

More Playstation Portable Phone Rumors Shake Up Game Industry

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

The Playstation Portable Phone, this is not a smart phone: this is a gaming device with voice call, SMS and 3G functionality. Or at least, that is what has been detailed out in the latest rumors about the device.

There will certainly be two differing schools of thought with the device, as it will be seemingly handled by Sony Ericsson and Sony Computer Games Entertainment. Naturally, phone fans would want SE to have a larger influence on the device while gamers would prefer SCE to take charge of the new gadget. So far, no official statement has been given regarding who will actually be creating the final designs for the device.

At the very least, it has been directly hinted by Masaru Kato, current CFO of Sony Japan and Peter Dille from Sony Computer Entertainment America. It will certainly be a while before we actually get the see the new device or have an idea of whether the PSP2 and the PSP Phone are actually a single gadget or two different devices.

For the most part, it is believed that there will be a single portable gaming handset to be released by Sony next year and it will have the Playstation brand as well as smart phone capabilities. It has also been said that the Android operating system will be used with a new custom user interface called the Z-system.

So far, current “leaked” screenshots of the hardware are hinting at the use of a new touch pad as opposed to the traditional analog stick that is used by the PSP –this goes in the direct opposite direction that gamers have wanted to see: dual analog sticks on the PSP. While general gadget users may not see the difference, there is a significant level of performance that one can only get from an analog stick that cannot be matched by a touch pad.

Gamer’s View: Insights on the PlayStation Phone Rumor

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Once again, the Playstation phone rumor has been revived. A recent image from Engadget along with allegations that the device in the picture is the real deal has once again sparked all the big rumors about the possibility of Sony allowing Sony Ericsson’s engineers to help crank out a new product with the Playstation brand.

However, as promising as the possibility may be, there are some red flags in the whole concept that still need to be addressed.

First off, the lack of PSN; the announcement that there will be a Playstation Marketplace may seem interesting to non-gaming readers, but for those familiar with Sony Computer Entertainment (the part that actually handles the Playstation branding), it is a well known fact that an online store already exists: the Playstation Network. And an argument that the “Marketplace” will be unique since it will host Android compatible apps, that notion is also void.

The fact is that PSN already hosts downloadable games and content for both PS3 and the PSP. Adding in a new category for an Android phone would not be much of an issue –but opening a completely new store just for Sony Ericsson is a moot point.

The second major issue is the lack of the XMB (or cross media browser). Sure, the Android is an amazing OS, and SE even has that Timescape UI for the XPERIA series. But the XMB is the core user interface for Sony’s entertainment systems, from the PSP, to the PS3, and even in the Sony Bravia. It is however, possible to re-skin the XMB on top of the Android OS.

In all honesty, gamers would certainly appreciate the presence of a great gaming phone. But to make it the mainstream device would be a gamble. It is likely that if the PS Phone will be made, it will only be a secondary device to the upcoming PSP 2 (much like the Playstation Portable Go).