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Mobile News: Today’s Top Highlights

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Skype has announced that it will be updated for the Android mobile platform –and the Samsung Galaxy S will finally be compatible with the VOIP service. This little bit of good news comes as another reason to go for Samsung’s already impressive Android handset. The Skype app is often hard to get for many users as not a lot of phones can support the feature –and the fact that local networks are not too happy about it either. In any case, the app is now officially available on the Android market.

Vodafone UK is certain that the Froyo update for the HTC Magic is certainly the way to go. The announcement yesterday was that the update will be selective and will not provide the ancient Android with all the new features of version 2.2, but will still be delivering an impressive array of new features that diehard fans of the older phone will certainly appreciate.

HTC has confirmed that they have several devices fully equipped with both NFC, dual core CPUs and 4G technology already in the works. LTE or long term evolution hardware changes standards a lot, and HTC wants to keep on top of the trends. HTC CEO Peter Chou also confirmed that he wants to pursue the use 4G technology.

3 UK, a local virtual network operator, has been confirmed that the unlimited browsing scheme is now back. Despite previous complaints by other network operators about the heavy consumption of bandwidth slowing down services to many users, 3 UK is offering the service to anyone subscribed to the 35 Pound monthly tariff –which is certainly quite tempting to many folks who consider the 500MB limit a little too low. Should we expect to see the returns of unlimited browsing on other networks as well? –that possibility is quite unlikely as 3 UK is a specialized 3G network.

Skype Now on Symbian

Friday, March 5th, 2010

SkypeVOIP is one of the gray areas of mobile phone technology.

From a consumer perspective it is one of the best things ever. After all, having Skype will allow users to make and receive voice calls through the internet. As long as you can access a free WiFi hotspot, you would be able to make voice calls to other Skype users. Skype offers instant messaging, file sharing and of course, VOIP services.

The quality of voice calls on Skype are so good, it serves as an excellent substitute for direct calls. The messaging system beat YM at its own game when it came to voice chat technology –quickly becoming the number choice of PC users for voice calls over the net. It came as to no surprise that when net access through mobile phones began to spread, people have adapted Skype as well.

For mobile network operators, this definitely kills a lot of good buzz since people will have a cheaper alternative to making voice calls through the phone network. O2 has been firm in stating that it will be implementing sanctions against the use of Skype on its network –VOIP is one of the many streaming services not allowed in the O2 contract.

Sadly, not all Symbian devices will be getting Skype. The app is currently available only through the Nokia Ovi store which limits access to only Nokia Symbian devices –and of these devices, less than 30 models can use the VOIP software.

Many are expecting to see Skype on other Symbian phones such as the Sony Ericsson Vivaz, Satio and Vivaz Pro in the next few weeks. For now, Symbian has become one of the few mobile platforms to actually support the Skype VoIP software.

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