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Welsh Language phone from Samsung

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

preston1-300x300A little over a year since Samsung was the first mobile phone manufacturer to offer an Irish language phone the Korean company has announced another first with the upcoming release of a Welsh language handset. The phone will be a modified version of the popular Samsung S5600 that is already on sale in the UK.
In 2008 Samsung hired 3 highly trained academic translators to translate over 44,000 words into Irish for the release of an Irish language Tocco Lite. While some cynics have claimed it to be nothing more than a marketing gimmick, it is a welcomed one none the less, particularly among those in Ireland who would rather speak in Irish. Although Samsung have claimed they will not release every handset in Irish they will try to make it an option for all key launches.

For many people in Wales English is their second language and so many Welsh speakers will benefit from the addition of a Welsh dictionary. This will allow the UI to be displayed in Welsh as well as allowing Welsh speakers to use predictive messaging that had previously only been available in English. The revamped S5600 will also feature over 44,000 Welsh words and will account for variations between North and South Welsh.
The Samsung S5600 that has already proven to be a popular handset in the UK sits midway between the Tocco Lite and the i8910 HD. Featuring a 2.8” touchscreen display and Samsung’s novel TouchWiz interface that allows a more intuitive interaction with the phone, the S5600 also comes with a 3 megapixel camera and accelerometer.

Although this Welsh language phone is a one off for now and does not allow much choice for Welsh speakers it is hoped that it will start a trend within the mobile phone industry to cater for UK languages other than English. The S5600 will be available on Orange on contract or prepay soon.

Samsung S5600: Revamped TouchWiz UI & More

Sunday, July 26th, 2009
samsung-s5600It’s not true that once you’ve seen a Samsung touchscreen phone, you’ve seen them all. It’s fortunate that Samsung is revamping the features of many of their phones whenever they would release something new. Unlike Nokia, who seems to have a penchant for releasing almost identical phones (moving around pieces of the puzzle, eh?).
Main features
The Samsung Preston S5600 uses a touch candy-bar form factor with no keys. Everything is dependent on the touchscreen, which measure 2.8 inches (QVGA). Nevertheless, Samsung has recently improved their TouchWiz user interface, making the menu systems as accessible as ever.
The “desktop” of the Samsung S5600 is very clean, with a row of main options on the bottom. All your important widgets from the calendar to the video player can be placed on the “desktop” as well. Customize your “desktop” and you have a very sleek business/recreational mobile phone, indeed.
On-board storage is only 80 megabytes, so make sure you buy a memory stick since the handset comes with a MicroSD slot. The S5600 can support up to 16 gigabytes memory, a tad lower than the Omnia HD, which can handle up to 32 gigabytes of added memory.
Rest assured that a close cousin, the S5230 has the same memory capacity. They didn’t install a Hot Swap™ capability, so you have to choose which memory you want to use.
Media handling
Samsung S5600 has a dedicated music player, though there hasn’t been much software improvement. It appears that Samsung is saving some R&D time by using a generic player for all their new units. As for the picture viewer, there are 2 ways to access your files. One is through the main picture browser (found on the “desktop”) and one through a swipe-friendly slideshow. Both are easily accessed from the signature “desktop” area from Samsung.

Yes, the Samsung S5600 does have GPS capability. After a few presses, the phone begins to search for active GPS satellites. After which, you can just choose to download valid data and look over the information that you need. Neat!

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Samsung S5600: Samsung Enters the Era of the Touchscreen Phone

Saturday, July 11th, 2009
Samsung-S5230-and-S5600The Samsung S5600 is a touchscreen phone (it’s not a smartphone, but may have features similar to smartphones such as the Apple iPhone) developed by Samsung, released after the Samsung S5230. It’s an upgraded version of the Samsung Tocco Lite S5230, though many of the features are identical.
Mobile phone networking
The Samsung S5600 works with Quadband GSM, operating in the following frequencies: 850/900/1800/900 megahertz. For UMTS, the frequencies are 900/2100 megahertz. The phone can also connect to the Web via GPRS/EDGE class 12. HSDPA connection rates have been recorded at 7.2 megabits per second.
User interface
Samsung-S5230-and-Samsung-S5600Samsung has installed the TouchWiz user interface on the Samsung S5600. The interface used in this mobile phone is comparable to the one implemented in the Samsung S8300 UltraTOUCH.
What makes the TouchWiz user interface unique and lovable are the widgets themselves. You can make the Samsung S5600 an indispensible tool if you collect the right kinds of widgets. From organizing your daily activities to emailing your contacts, there’s a right widget for every job.
Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find the patented Gesture Lock technology that Samsung had spoken about. The thing about keypad-less mobile phones is you won’t be able to type passwords or press key combinations. The solution? Draw a letter and the touchscreen UI would recognize the letter, based on what you told it to remember.
As for the music playback capability of this Samsung phone, the S5600 is fairly decent. According to the available information, the music interface is comparable to the Samsung M8800 Pixon phone.
True to its promise, Samsung offers a way to organize your music based on the author, album, track number, etc. The visual music interface has also been improved, but no technical improvements have been noted.

Samsung has also included a widget that you would see on the right side of your touchscreen, so you can simply tap on the widget and watch as the full application comes into view.

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Samsung S5600 Preston: Samsung Arrives Prepared in the Touch Wars

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009
samsung-s5600The touch war is a colloquial term to describe the competition between large manufacturers who want to dominate the non-smartphone niche of mobile phones with touchscreen technology.
Samsung has made it clear that it wants to enter the battle by introducing a line of phones that have absolutely no other physical keys other than those provided through the touchscreen display. Are they succeeding in pleasing the midrange market in the touch wars? Let’s see what they’ve put into the Samsung S5600.

How does it connect?
Samsung-S5230-and-S5600The Samsung S5600 can connect using the following frequencies in the GSM band: 850, 900, 1800, 1900. The Samsung S5600 is also capable of accessing the World Wide Web through HSDPA connection, with connection speeds of up to 7.2 megabits per second.
The Samsung S5600 measures 102.8 mm x 54.8 mm x 12.9 mm, with a touchscreen form factor. What you see is what’s there, period. There’s no QWERTY keyboard or central navigation controls for this one. The display measure 2.8 inches (comparable to phones like the Tocco Ultra Edition and the Pico Projector) and operates with QVGA resolution. The display is capable of showing up to 240 pixels x 320 pixels.
Memory & photo snapping capability
The Samsung S5600 has been installed with a 3 megapixel camera with an auto-focusing feature. Like Sony Ericson phones, the Samsung S5600 also has a bright LED flash and even has smile detection software for the perfect shot.
Navigation & storage
Personal navigation is made easier because the Samsung S5600 has been installed with an internal GPS receiver and A-GPS. Geotagging is also possible with your photos, so start snapping those pretty photos. The Samsung S5600 will take care of the tagging for you.

This Samsung phone has also been equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 and Bluetooth version 2.0. The phone also has 1000 mAh to handle all your multimedia and communications needs.

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Samsung S5600: An Affordable Touchscreen

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


Samsung S5600 is one of the latest touchscreen realistically priced phones which compares with the well liked phones like LG KP500 Cookie. The S5600 will be a complete touchscreen receiver which will work on the TouchWiz UI.  The phone is expected to have a 3G support, which its main competitor the LG KP500 Cookie lacks.
S5600 is a candy bar phone and has a 2.8 inch touch screen, a 3 megapixel camera, TouchWiz interface, and the novel Gesture Lock feature. The Samsung S5600 has been designed to attract fashion conscious users with its slim and compact structure. Samsung S5600 reminds you of the HTC Touch with its design as well as display but in fact is not Smartphone. It works on a typical Samsung TouchWiz user interface. It is not a very high end gadget but has some very good features and you can also get great Samsung S5600 deals.
Samsung-S5230-and-Samsung-S5600According to the Samsung S5600 reviews the phone is not expected to create any hype as it is not some a pioneering gadget, but looks like a phone which will sell in large numbers with its price and decent features. Samsung is in fact the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world and one has been consistently producing superior quality Samsung handsets and accessories.
Samsung has inveterate the availability of S5600 touchscreen handsets in the European market, and this Smartphone has features like a haptic feedback; a 3MP camera; Bluetooth 2.1 as well as an FM radio.  Samsung has been pushing hard as the Korean company s looking at the midrange touchscreen market with its Samsung S5600. Samsung S5600 contracts are available with most UK networks.
It is not a surprise that Samsung want a share in the pie of this market segment, with the wonders in the sale of the LG Cookie. With no official word, we will have to wait for the pricing of the S5600. The handset will surely be a low-end completely touch-operated handset.

Samsung S5600: Affordable Touchscreen

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Samsung-S5230-and-S5600Frequent development in mobile technology has always brought new models. With the coming of new touch screen mobile models, old button function mobile models get outdated. Now users prefer those mobiles in which they can start any function just with a slight touch and those mobiles which can start a function with the click of a button are becoming outdated. Besides touch screen feature, a mobile also has advance camera and multimedia features with an attractive look and long hour’s battery backup then the phone is sure to be liked by everyone.

Samsung S5600 is such a handset produced by Samsung. This is not the first touch screen handset produced by Samsung. Samsung has produced Samsung i7410 and Samsung S5230 touch screen handsets previously. This phone weighs 173 grams and the dimensions are 103x55x13 mm. The touch screen of this phone is 2.8 inches with resolution of 240×320 pixels and supports 16 million colors. Samsung S5600 deals in personalise your phone according to your requirements using TouchWiz interface. Just a slight touch can get you access to your favorite application. Samsung S5600 can be auto rotated by accelerometer sensor.

TouchWiz interface can make Samsung S5600 contracts profitable for everyone. Gesture Lock is an interesting feature of this phone. This feature can be enabled to unlock the phone. After unlocking, the users can assign any alphabet (A-Z) to menus according to his own choice and draws that letter on the screen. Single touch on these alphabets starts the menu. This mobile phone has the camera of 3 megapixels and the resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. Smile Shot, Geo Tagging and QVGA video recording are the important features of this handset. Videos can be recorded at the speed of 15 fps. It has a good music player which supports many formats. User can give rating and record Samsung S5600 reviews on mobile phone websites.

Samsung S5600 is made for stylish and technology conscious people.