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Goodbye Palm Smart Phones

Monday, June 7th, 2010

palm_logoThe mobile phone industry was already aware that Palm was in dire financial trouble for quite some time. The company has seen not only rumors of a potential buy-out, but a list of interested buyers have also popped out. Taiwanese mobile device manufacturer HTC and computer maker Lenovo are among the top names that were interested in acquiring Palm’s technologies and patents, but a surprise move by HP surprised all –out of the blue, the company emerged as the buyer of Palm.

Before the buyout, many of Palm’s top executives and officers have resigned –presumably leaving for more promising opportunities. Palm’s CEO Jon Rubinstein was the only one left behind and keeping the company spirit alive. The merger with HP was the moment the man was waiting for –or so we all thought.

palm_pixi_pre_plusWhile HP had never officially announced public what their intentions for buying Palm was, many assumed that they would be taking over operations and would continue Palm as a mobile phone manufacturer. But an announcement by Mark Hurd, CEO of HP at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Technology conference made everything clear: HP would not be manufacturing smart phones.

According to the big man himself, the acquisition was entirely based on obtaining ownership of the WebOS –a technology that HP deemed too important to be lost to their competitors. But while the WebOS is primarily intended to be a mobile phone operating system, experts predict that it should fit in nicely as an OS for a tablet (or whatever new device that HP is indeed working on).

With this new announcement it seems that the Palm Pixi Plus and the Palm Pre Plus have now become the last smart phones we will ever get to see from this amazing manufacturer. The tech industry can only hope that the gap they leave will be filled in soon enough.

Germany to Get Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Palm Pre PlusBy way of Vodafone Germany and O2 Germany, two small sized yet super impressive Palm smart phones will finally be reaching European shores. This has brought up plenty of rumors and hopes that the Palm phones may actually make it to UK stores. O2 UK has great news for Palm fans as they have just confirmed that they too will be stocking the devices pretty soon.

Palm’s Pixi smart phone was first announced last September 2009 and has gotten plenty of positive feedback regarding the device’s balance of hardware features, capabilities and most importantly, size. It probably packs the most features-to-size ratio of its time. The Palm QWERTY keyboard also provides easy typing for users with well designed keys that even users with larger fingers will find easy to operate.

Germany will be getting the Pixi Plus, which is basically the very same phone as the original Pixi with the addition of video recording capability and WiFi connectivity –a major feature that was missing in the original phone.

The Palm Pre Plus, much like the Pixi Plus, takes after another older model from Palm, the Pre. The smart phone is a portrait oriented slider device with a QWERTY keyboard. The specs are much like the Pixi Plus though it has a better 3 mega pixel camera.

Both smart phones lack support for micro SD cards and rely entirely on their internal memory. For the small size of the devices, this little compromise is easy to deal with. The Palm phones also make use of the WebOS mobile platform which turns the user experience into something that is both enjoyable and easy.

The only hesitation people may have about the two phones is the fact that there are rumors that Palm might be closing shop soon. If this happens, further OS support and patches may no longer be provided to users.

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