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Monday, November 29th, 2010

HTC is currently leading the industry with a combined lineup of great Windows Phone 7 and Android smart phones. Of course, the Apple iPhone 4’s large media hype and branding has helped it garner so many sales that it is hard to catch up with even after having been launched so many months back, but it is hard to deny that the current market interest and demand for Android phones is staggeringly high. Currently HTC devices have the highest number of searches online –even more than the iPhone.

If this demand starts translating to actual sales, Apple will have some serious competition. HTC may not have been all that well known several years back, but since the rise of the Google Android smart phone, the Taiwan based phone maker has been able to shake off its former reputation as Microsoft’s Pocket PC partner and instead, HTC has risen up to become one of Google’s most trusted industry partners.

In other news, a new Nokia device has been spotted in images. Designated as the Nokia X7-00, the device looks like it has been made specifically to promote the Nokia Ovi Store. Gaming and apps are two key features that are being shown off, as well as media playback. The specs are the same as the Nokia N8 handset, except that the X7-00 has a slightly lower spec camera and has four speakers up front.

The prices for RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook touch screen tablet have been confirmed with the version with the lowest internal memory getting a price tag of below 200 GBP. More than reasonable for any who simply want to browse online or read. At 400 GBP, there is plenty of storage space for media as well. With the promising new QNX OS and a good price rating, expect the Playbook to do well in terms of sales when it finally comes out.