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Now Available: Optimus One, Tradesman and C6-01

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Three new phones are now out on store shelves today, and users have a pretty good selection of handsets to choose from: the Nokia C6-01 brings in a mid range Symbian^3 smart phone –perfect for those who like to be different. An Android smart phone with all the right trimmings with LG’s Optimus One and lastly, the perfect handset for people whose lifestyles are far too active for regular mobile phones to survive: the JCB Toughphone Tradesman.

It may be low end on the hardware spectrum, but the JCB Tradesman is hardly your ordinary phone either. Hikers, outdoorsmen, and even emergency field operatives rarely have time to post content on Twitter or watch the latest video uploaded by friends on Facebook, and this is why the Tradesman does not support those. Instead, it focuses on a few simple things: namely surviving the torture that would otherwise kill all other fragile touch screen smart phones.

The Tradesman is able to withstand extreme forces, temperatures and even water submersion –by actually floating. The device will survive and function when completely submerged, but the ideal thing is that it actually floats when there is enough water. This is perfect for those who spend lots of time around large pools of water.

LG’s Optimus One has just hit the stores and from the looks of it, this mini-Android smart phone is a great match for those who want a no-nonsense Android smart phone experience. The only thing missing from this handset would be a small slide out or flip out keyboard, but overall, it is a highly recommended Android phone.

Last on the list is Nokia’s C6-01 handset. The device is packing a powerful 8 mega pixel camera and will support HD playback and recording as well. Aside from having a very impressive camera, the phone also packs an AMOLED touch screen display.

LG Turns to Android and WP7 to Recuperate Losses

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

It has been quite a tough year for LG, but the company’s hopes are finally up.

After two whole quarters of being in the red and slowly losing market position, LG seems to have finally gotten its act together and will be releasing a whole new set of smart phones on this latter half of 2010. The first two new devices on the list are the Optimus Android smart phones.

As many of you may already know, there is no shortage of Android devices available. However, this does not mean that buyer will naturally gravitate to the more well known models. In fact, the Android community is quite known for supporting all devices that use the mobile platform and in that regard, most Android devices are expected to be solid sales making devices.

Currently, there are already a couple of devices in the Optimus lineup of mobile phones and it has been announced that two more handsets will be joining the list. So far, the general outlook for Android devices is that they have a generally good chance of being successful products.

The Windows Phone 7 may seem to have that wildcard appeal thanks to the fact that it has not been released yet, but a single look at the developer version of the OS shows that Microsoft knows what it is doing. The new OS is dynamic and filled to the brim with all new features.

Many are already familiar with the Bing search engine and the Zune media player so the integration of these two features will certainly be a welcome sight and the Xbox Live Games service will allow people to play new games and even link up with friends to play together.

LG is not the only phone maker to focus on these two impressive platform, reports show that other major manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and others are also working on Android and WP7 handsets.

Coming Soon: The LG Optimus Chic & LG Optimus One

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

LG Optimus OneA number of people can say that LG haven’t started this year with its best foot forward in terms of providing remarkable Smartphones. It seems that LG haven’t lived up to the demands and expectations of the Smartphone market in a lot of ways. Well recently, LG has officially announced that they will release entry-level Smartphones to appease their frustrated consumers. In fact, they will release not just one, but two Smartphones named The LG Optimus Chic & LG Optimus One.

As we all know, LG has released several Smartphones but it is yet set its mark in the industry especially now that competitors like the iPhone and HTC seem to always pull a rabbit out of the hat every time they release a new Smartphone.See what other people think  or have your own say on the LG Optimus One reviews and LG Optimus Chic reviews pages.

One good thing about these new LG Smartphones is that they are said to have the most advanced features on board made possible by the fact that they will be using the freshest Android OS v2.2 called Froyo. LG had promised to deliver 10 Smartphones within the year and the release of the LG Optimus Chic & LG Optimus One signals a major addition to this growing family.

Now the question is, will the launch of the LG Optimus Chic & LG Optimus One make LG one of the most recognised brand in the Smartphone industry? It may be a bit too early to tell, but what we can do now is start talking about some of the features it will offer.

The Amazing Froyo

LG Optimus Chic & OneA large number of people are excited with the new Android 2.2 also codenamed Froyo. So what does it really do? There’s a lot to discuss for it offers a myriad of new features so let’s start with the home screen first.

Well, it really isn’t that much different with the 2.1 version. However, the look of the home screen seems to be a lot smoother brought about by some minor artistic changes in the layout. Just like the 2.1 version the home screen looks great and with the newly added enhancements, it has definitely become more aesthetically pleasing.

Accessing the internet is something that we do everyday and at times it is difficult for us to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi if we haven’t found a nice hotspot. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn your mobile into an actual hotspot so you can share the connection to your family and friends during those problematic times?

That concept may be surprising for some, but the Froyo has actually made this into a reality. Yes, you can turn your mobile into a hotspot with Froyo. Amazing right? Once you have either the LG Optimus Chic & LG Optimus One you are sure to be the talk of the town because of this.

Another feature of the Android Froyo which we think should ring some alarm bells for the iPhone is that once you download an application on your computer, you don’t need to attach the mobile to your desktop to transfer the download. What it does is it automatically installs it to your mobile over the air. Yes, you got it right. No need to sync at all.

The same goes for your music, games, applications, and whatever else downloads you might have – no syncing needed!  For those who have an iPhone, you must admit that it takes some time to sync your music and videos, but unfortunately this is something you have to deal with. With the Froyo, this just won’t be the case.

LG Optimus ChicOne last notable feature on the Froyo is that it sports a hardware compass functionality. It serves literally as a compass letting maps provide you direction depending on where you’re facing. It will be handy for those who always travel either by walking or driving as you no longer need to worry about getting lost ever again.

What’s good about this feature offered by Froyo is that it also lets you view the browser camera. It will really make your life easier by literally telling you where to go. No need to carry around big maps or location guides anymore; your mobile will be the perfect companion when travelling.

Having the Google Android Froyo as the operating system of the LG Optimus Chic & LG Optimus One is definitely a good start.


Consumers and critics alike seem to be all hyped up by the looming launch of these two new LG Smarpthones. It is great to see that consumers are actually giving LG a chance to prove themselves until they perfect their craft.  Now, the big question almost everyone has is when would the LG Optimus Chic & LG Optimus One be available?

Unfortunately, there is no exact date of release just yet. There have been rumours that it should be available in South Korea (the manufacturer’s homeland) by the end of this year which means that we should expect it to arrive in UK shores a month or so afterwards. Their price hasn’t been unveiled as well, but knowing LG, the price tag on both of these mobiles should be fairly reasonable.

Final Say

LG Optimus One (1)LG has been struggling to cope with the ever changing expectations of its consumers. Not to mention that other than the iPhone and HTC, LG is continuously battling with its Korean competitor Samsung which as far we can tell has been doing pretty well in the market. However, we must also give them credit for not giving up in trying to deliver excellent quality mobiles to the consumers.

The release of the LG Optimus Chic & LG Optimus One may give Samsung the chance to prove that they could also set high quality standards with the Smartphones they offer. Hopefully, consumers won’t be disappointed. The addition of the Google Android Froyo seems to be something that will give the LG Optimus Chic & LG Optimus One a much needed advantage over its competitors.

Though full specs are not available yet, by the look of the new OS it may be quite a hit for the younger generation. But until the said release date is announced and the actual mobile is tested, we can only hope for the best LG Optimus Chic deals and Optimus One deals.