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ITG’s XP Phone to be Priced Like Smart Phones

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

ITG xpPhone 2When you have £500 to spare, would you rather buy a mini laptop or a smart phone?

The big net books over smart phones argument have been over and done with a dozen times, and more often than not, the best agreeable solution is to buy a decent net book and a really cheap phone –on the average at least. For people who simply need to access social networking sites, a good high-end smart phone would do the trick; when it boils down to individual tastes (like it always does), it becomes more of selecting one specialized gadget to combo with a cheap one.

Anyway, for people who still cannot decide, ITG is now providing a more amiable solution to the question: by providing a net book phone.

Yep, after several months, the ITG XP Phone has surfaced again; ITG is still willing to create custom spec devices and the given bundles looks pretty close to a mobile phone in terms of size, and a really low end net book in terms of specs.

The XP phone is expected to come at a price of 280 to 450 Euros, depending on the spec configuration as users will have a choice of hardware options for the device. RAM will come in 512 MB, 1GB and 2GB variants. The device will have a solid state drive that will range from 8 to 64GB as well as a separate hard drive ranging from 30GB to 120GB.

While it has not been confirmed if the processor can also be customizable, the device will run on an AMD CPU. For the screen, users can choose between 4.3, 4.8 and 7 inches; all of which are touch screens. It was also originally announced that device would have an onboard camera.

Of course, since XP does not have software for voice calls and other mobile phone features, the device will have a separate interface for those features.