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In Focus: HTC

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

HTC is back in the headlines again this week as they have confirmed that the HTC Gratia is indeed heading to the UK but the original November launch will no longer push through. This latest development may come as a bit of a disappointment for some who were looking forward to the device, but according to the Taiwan based phone maker, the Gratia will be launching here pretty soon.

The device is a well made, mid range handset. From the 3.2 inch TFT touch screen to the 5 mega pixel camera, everything about this phone speaks of smart phone practicality. The Gratia will have a slight edge over the original Aria as the new handset will come packed with the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system.

HTC is currently known for being a heavy supporter for both the Google Android and the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS. However, there have been a few reports that the manufacturer might also start working on its own mobile platform. Given the market success and acceptance of the HTC Sense user interface, it might not be such a bad idea at all –even Samsung’s Bada is currently doing great as the Korean phone maker balances all three mobile platforms.

Speaking of the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform, the HTC HD7 is currently considered as HTC’s flagship WP7 device. However, recent news indicates that the device is not entirely as good as it seems.

It appears that the device’s antenna is located in the bottom of the device. While this is not as bad as the design flaw on the iPhone 4, it is still something that users should be mindful about. As with the antennagate, it is feared that touching the exposed area is likely to block out the device’s signal and might result in dropped calls.

Network Watch: Windows Phone 7 Devices

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Many would know the basic facts about the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform by now, and considering the vast number of leaks and rumors that have circulated in the past couple of months, the specs and other important details about the new WP7 handsets are no longer that surprising.

But knowing where all these new phones are –that is the big question of the week. These new WP7 handsets are due to be released by October 22, and here’s a quick rundown of the various networks and all the phones they offer.

Mobile virtual network operator 3 UK has actually managed to snag a couple of handsets. The Dell Venue Pro, which has been renamed from Dell Lightning, is confirmed to be heading to the network. The QWERTY keyboard toting handset is going to be an interesting choice for buyers.

Samsung’s Omnia 7 is also heading to 3 UK which means that this super AMOLED touch screen smart phone will serve as the main media centric WP7 handset under 3 UK.

Vodafone UK has got two major handsets under their flag. LG’s Optimus 7 and HTC 7 Trophy will both be heading towards the UK network operator. The Trophy seems like an interesting choice over the Optimus 7 –simply because it is an HTC device. The addition of HD video and SRS surround also makes it a compelling media playback device.

O2 will be offering the HTC HD7. While initial reports indicate that there might be some sort of exclusivity going on, no specific details have been confirmed. O2 has priced the handset at 379 GPB on a pay as you go scheme; the device is also being offered on a wide range of 2 year tariffs.

Lastly, Orange Mobile UK will be offering the HTC Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7 (aside from 3 and Orange, the Omnia will be out on T-Mobile as well). The Mozart’s 8 mega pixel snapper and Xenon flash technology is certainly getting plenty of attention for those who love their camera phones.

HTC Brings New Devices to the Windows Phone 7 Party

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Mobile phone fans have plenty to feast on today as Taiwan based phone maker HTC brings in 5 new smart phones all running Windows Phone 7. Despite the fact that HTC has been a major brand name when it comes to the Google Android mobile platform, their large lineup of WP7 devices certainly shows that their previous history with Microsoft has not been lost.

Anyway, here’s the quick rundown of the HTC WP7 devices.

The HTC HD7 is going to be the frontline handset for HTC’s WP7 phone lineup. The devices pack plenty of multimedia features and of course, it has a massive 4.3 inch WVGA touch screen display. As the name suggests, this phone has HD video playback and recording functionalities. It runs on a 1GHz CPU and packs 16GB of internal memory.

New to our list is the HTC 7 Surround handset. This new phone comes with a unique form factor: large speakers. This device is obviously the most media centric of the new handsets that HTC is launching and is even more geared towards movie and music lovers than the HD7. The screen is smaller, but in exchange, the two speakers boast of an impressive audio quality.

The HTC Mozart is not new to any listing of WP7 devices. In fact, alongside the HTC Mondrian, this handset was among the first. Judging from what HTC has shown off so far, little has changed from the leaked information about this phone and the final product. It still has a 3.7 inch WVGA LCD display and the 8 mega pixel camera.

Lastly, the HTC 7 Trophy; this device was initially leaked as the HTC Trophy that was supposed to run the older Windows Mobile 6.5 OS but has since been upgraded to the newer Windows Phone 7 version. As expected, the specs have also been boosted up to allow the device to match up to the minimum hardware requirements of Microsoft for WP7.

Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD7

Friday, September 24th, 2010

It has been official for quite some time now, but for every new bit of confirmed information regarding the HTC HD7, the more we are convinced that this could very well be the quintessential WP7 handset.

When Windows Phone 7 was first announced last February, it was hard to pinpoint which phone makers would be working on the device. Steve Ballmer already hinted that many devices would be released for the new OS, but since Microsoft has no constant industry partner, it was hard to guess which one would be taking the lead when it came to the new OS.

At this point in time, that it still up in the air, but if there was one phone maker than seems to be in a better position above all others –it would be Taiwan based HTC. The phone maker has already had strong ties with Microsoft since the pocket PC era.

Now, HTC is once again showing that they are a strong partner for Microsoft –despite the fact that HTC is also deeply involved in the development of the Android operating system (and is, in fact, an industry partner for Google). The latest videos of the HTC HD7 showcases excellent phone design, integrated elements of the Sense UI in the WP7 OS and of course, the new Microsoft mobile platform itself.

So far, the HTC HD7 is turning out to be a very promising device.

The handset packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz CPU, a 4.3 inch WVGA capacitive touch screen and a 5 mega pixel camera –which is pretty much the whole summary of Microsoft’s pre-requisite hardware specs for all WP7 devices. Of course, it will still be a pretty tough climb for HTC and all the phone makers this October when they all vie for the position of top Windows Phone 7 handset.

News Updates and the Facebook Smart Phone Rumor

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Android Motorola fans are going to be happy with the news that the XT720 Milestone is getting a quick update to bring the phone’s processor up to speed –literally. The phone is mean to be running at 720 MHz, however, it has been reported that the out of the box setting of the handset places it at a much slower 550 MHz clock speed. The new update now brings the ARM Cortex A8 CPU all the way up to 720 MHz as it should be.

T-Mobile HTC Desire users will be happy to know that an update for the Android 2.2 Froyo is now available for their handset –surpassing Orange Mobile UK’s release date (which has been delayed for technical reasons). So far, only Vodafone UK and the T-Mobile have released 2.2 updates for the Desire.

HTC’s HD7 price details have been leaked in a document from Germany. According to reports, the information came from O2 and shows that the device is going to cost a very expensive 559 Pounds of a buyer decides to get it SIM free. On a monthly tariff, the costs are much easier to handle. The phone is only 70 Pounds at a 20 Pound monthly tariff for two years. Similar plans for the HD7 are expected to be available in the UK when the device comes out later this October (presumably, alongside the Windows Phone 7 OS launch).

Lastly, it seems that rumors about Facebook creating their own mobile phone have been circulating a lot these days. The social networking website has finally decided to remove the wrong impressions by directly stating that they are not working on a new smart phone. In reality, the social networking site’s developers are tweaking out new apps and functions for existing mobile phones that would enable users to access Facebook better and faster. Many are hoping that improved media upload features will be part of the new apps.

HTC Phone Renamed, Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile and BB9670 Videos

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

It seems that the previously announced HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 handset is going to get a quick renaming before the device officially comes out later this October when Microsoft officially launches the mobile platform.

HTC has not confirmed the reasons why they are changing the name from HD7 to HD3, though it has been reported that regardless of the name changes, the device itself remains intact. This means that all initial reports about the handset’s hardware specs still remain and currently it is one of the most powerful devices in the upcoming WP7 lineup.

Other phone makers set to be releasing new WP7 devices alongside HTC include LG, Motorola, Samsung and several others as well.

On the Android home front, local network operator T-Mobile UK has confirmed that they will be offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab when it finally comes out. The Android tablet is due to come out later this year and will be getting a price of an estimated 700 Pounds. Depending on the tariffs and price plans offered for the device, it is expected to get a significantly lower cost when connected to a premium two year contract.

The Galaxy Tab is currently the largest Android device available on the market and it sports a 7 inch touch screen display, a 1GHz processor and the latest Android operating system.

Lastly, RIM has recently uploaded a series of videos demonstrating how the controls work on the new BlackBerry OS 6 when used with the BlackBerry 9670 flip open handset. While the clamshell form factor is not a common sight for RIM devices, the 9670 manages to pull off having a decently made QWERTY keyboard as well as making full use of the optical trackpad to interact with what was supposed to be a touch screen based user interface.

HTC WP7 Device Name Leaks, iOS 4.1 Launches and Huawei’s Android

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

China based electronics manufacturer Huawei is launching a low end Android smart phone that is poised to dominate that market range on sheer budget price alone: the Huawei IDEOS.

This brand new Android smart phone is reportedly going to be compatible with the 2.2 Froyo version of the open source mobile platform and will be arriving with a price tag around the range of 40 to 70 Quid. That’s probably the cheapest Android handset we have seen so far and the most updated too. The device will be available in wide range of color choices and is expected to be available this coming October.

Next on the new list, Apple is keeping the iPhone community happy with several new updates, and this time, it is by way of the 4.1 iOS update. Carefully added into this system update is the inclusion of new camera features that would allow users to take HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos with a single click.

Also included in the 4.1 update is an improvement for the Apple iTunes store and the addition of the Ping social network tool. The 4.1 allows users to connect to the Apple Game Center which is some sort of social hub for players.

Our final news update comes in the form of a quick leak of an O2 document that reveals what might be a new Windows Phone 7 device from Taiwan based mobile phone maker, HTC. According to reports, the device is named as the HTC HD7 –which is a major hint at what this device is.

HTC’s Windows lineup is the HD series and the last phone in the set (aside from the HD Mini) is the HD2. It skips several numbers and heads straight to HD7 to state that it is a Windows Phone 7 device. It has yet to be confirmed if this device is the same as the HTC Mondrian and Mozart.