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Vodafone’s Impressive Line Up: Pre-Christmas

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

With the holiday season just a few short weeks away, many network operators are already beefing up their handset lineup to bring in some of the most intriguing and impressive mobile devices of the year. Mobile network operator Vodafone UK has just announced several new devices that they will be offering in tariffs and plans.

Motorola’s Defy is certainly getting two thumbs up from us for being the toughest little touch screen smart phone around. Technically, this handset is the only true tough smart phone that we have seen. With its Gorilla glass screen from Corning and its IP7 certification, this is one smart phone for those with semi active lifestyles –we still would not recommend bringing this to a rough and tumble hiking trip.

Samsung’s Galaxy Europa has also been confirmed to be part of the new lineup. This Corby-Galaxy mash up handset brings in the best of both worlds. The Android OS delivers the most impressive Corby experience to date and the aesthetic style is certainly a lot fresher and hip compared to the more serious models.

Even the new BlackBerry Bold 9780 has been added in the Vodafone listing. This update to the already successful 9700 makes you wonder what else RIM can improve on the BlackBerry handset. Aside from being updated, the phone still retains many of its most important assets, such as the physical QWERTY keyboard.

Already part of the list is the HTC Desire HD, which brings a new high end Android experience to all users. With the larger touch screen and super LCD technology, video playback on this updated Desire handset is certainly something to look forward to.

Nokia’s newly launched Nokia N8 Symbian^3 smart phone also joins the Vodafone line. Expect to see an all new OS from the ever familiar Symbian platform brand.

Two New Handsets Now on 3 UK

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

3 Mobile UK has confirmed that they are offering both the Nokia N8 and the HTC Desire HD.

First up, the Android offering; the new HD Google powered handset is a definite favorite among this generation of mobile devices. The sequel to the successful HTC Desire brings in a bigger touch screen at 4.3 inches –compared to the original 3.7 inches of the first Desire as well as a better snapper that packs an 8 mega pixel camera.

Overall, it is hard not to like the Desire HD, the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system does a great job at delivering all the right features to users without much trouble having to understand or figuring out how the UI works. Controls are simple, intuitive and very responsive. Speaking of responsive, we particularly like how the 1GHz CPU has optimized the speed and smoothness of the user experience –Froyo’s upgraded kernel memory management and Java API has also certainly helped improve the speed and stability of the OS.

The Nokia N8 is the first and only Symbian^3 handset that will be coming out on Nokia N-series. This has been confirmed as early as the start of the year –Nokia will be adopting the MeeGo platform for the N-series instead. In the meanwhile, the N8 will be showcasing the latest version of the Symbian operating system.

Currently, there is a lot riding on the shoulders of the Nokia N8 as the Symbian OS is currently taking a lot of criticism in the mobile industry. With both Samsung and Sony Ericsson announcing that they will no longer be supporting the mobile platform, the Nokia N8 serves as the last hope for the Symbian Foundation.

Both devices are already available through 3 UK’s stores and both are being offered with very impressive plans that offer plenty of data and call minutes per month.

The Quick List of Today’s Top Mobile News

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

HTC is busy with its line of Windows Phone 7 mobile devices and while they seem to be pretty much on par with HTC’s Android phones, the Google OS still has some features that are better -such as free satellite navigation services. While it is unlikely that Microsoft would offer a similar service, the fact of the matter is that GPS support is important for many smart phone users –and considering that the Windows Phone 7 has plenty of GPS oriented tasks and features, this is a major consideration.

Tom Tom and HTC have teamed up to bring us a new user experience when it comes to navigation. The new system, focused heavily on the HTC Maps services in the new Sense UI, makes use of Tom Tom’s technology. The combination is promising to bring HTC Locations to a whole new level –and it will be a great fit on their WP7 handsets as well.

The Palm Pre 2 is officially launching and it will be featuring the new WebOS 2. Since the buyout of Palm by HP, many have been wondering what the future had in store from RIM’s former rival. There is certainly a lot of promise in the initial details of the WebOS 2, though we will have to wait until the Pre 2 is in our hands for testing. In the meanwhile, this is the perfect time to rejoice about the fact that HP is finally utilizing their smart phone resources.

HTC’s Desire HD is now officially available through many online sources and since the phone is not yet stocked in any brick and mortar locations, interested buyers will have to make their pick through the computer. The choices are as varied as the sources as the Desire HD is available in both SIM free and contract offers from various mobile networks. The best deal we have seen so far is from Vodafone UK which provides users with the handset for free under a 35 Pound monthly tariff.

Mobile News: Today’s Highlights

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

O2 UK has confirmed that they are launching a new VOIP service specifically for those who spend a lot of money on international calls. The new feature is going to be called the International Favorites and it will be based on the recently acquired Jajah client. So far, the initial costing for the feature will have users paying 10 GBP for 3,000 minutes worth of calls to three specific international numbers.

Tesco announced that the pre-order slots for the Nokia N8 Symbian^3 smart phone are now open. Those who are planning to get this impressive camera phone can now get the handset straight from Tesco under deals from Vodafone and O2 UK. The latest addition to the N-series sports a powerful 12 mega pixel snapper packing Carl Zeiss lenses and Xenon flash technology.

The HTC Desire HD’s official launch date has been pushed back to October 22. While initial rumors stated that the Desire HD and the Desire Z had been delayed due to issues with Google’s Approval, both HTC and Google declared that the rumors are not true. The phone is equipped with a 4.3 inch WVGA capacitive touch screen, an 8 mega pixel camera, support for HD video playback and recording as well as a 1GHz CPU.

Speaking of the Android operating system, it appears that video calling will be a major focus for the upcoming Android 3.0 Gingerbread. While no specific details have been given, it has been confirmed that the Google Talk Video has become a new priority for the Android developers. Google VP Andy Rubin stated that they are converting the feature to be friendlier in terms of performance to mobile platforms.

Lastly, Amazon UK has opened up the page for the HTC 7 Trophy and has confirmed that by November 8, interested buyers will be able to order the device SIM free from the online retailer.

Not WP7: Today’s Other Highlights

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Sure, we all know the big news about Windows Phone 7 and how Microsoft’s new mobile platform is going to shake the phone industry’s roots. But putting aside all the hype and hoopla, there are a few other important news highlights that are also worth talking about. Here’s a quick look at all the other news that are not WP7 related.

First up, Samsung has just unveiled a new smart phone, the Galaxy K. For now, the device is only available in Korea, but considering that this is the Android Galaxy handset series that we are talking about, a local release in the UK is quite likely. The only question now is when Samsung would actually take the time to bring the handset over.

Considering the initial specs of this handset, one could almost say that it is a Galaxy S Lite of sorts. The phone packs a 1GHz CPU, a 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen and of course, the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. From the Samsung launch event, it has been shown that the Galaxy K is available in two colors: black and white variants.

Nokia is also launching a new handset, and this one is being done locally; a Symbian^3 smart phone, the Nokia C7. This little touch screen smart phone brings a 3.5 inch AMOLED display, an 8 mega pixel snapper and about 8 GB of internal memory. This will be the very first time we will all get to try out the Symbian^3 OS. Also, expect this little number to be slightly cheaper than the high end Nokia N8.

Lastly, going back to a little bit of Android news, it appears that Google is not entirely happy with how the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z have turned out. According to reports, the two high end Androids are getting a launch delay until the issues are resolved. Some believe that the delay is simply meant to move the launch away from the WP7 event.

Confirmed: HTC Desire HD is UK Bound

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

According to recent reports, HTC’s latest Android masterpiece is heading straight to the UK. It has been a while since we have first heard of the HTC Ace in a leaked roadmap and finally getting to see the final product on store shelves will certainly help ease off the excitement that has built up since then.

Mobile network operator Vodafone UK has confirmed that they have opened up the pre-order slots for those interested in getting the handset. Their best offer so far is a two year, 35 Pound monthly tariff that will have the HTC Desire HD handset free. This contract will provide users with 750MB of data, unlimited texting and up to 900 minutes of calls –which is actually a pretty great value for heavy smart phone users.

Vodafone is also encouraging people to order the handset online –as the deal will shorten down to 600 minutes of voice calls and 500 MB of data when the contract is availed of through normal channels.

This is one smart phone that an Android fan would not want to pass up on, so if your contract is already drawing to a close or you are already under Vodafone UK, you might want to take up this offer. For those who want to wait it out, the handset will also be offered under other networks.

The Desire HD’s best feature has to be the new 4.3 inch super LCD capacitive touch screen display. As impressed as we were with the 3.7 inch AMOLED screen on the original Desire handset, it is the S-LCD that is really raising the bar when it comes to visual quality for mobile devices (it is also reportedly cheaper and easier to make). As expected, the device also comes with an 8 mega pixel snapper that supports HD video recording at 720p.

Nokia N8’s Final Delay and the New HTC Sense

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Someone has to give Nokia an award, or a plaque, or a commemorative mug –simply for having the most delay in announcements connected to a single device.

Seriously speaking, it seems that the Nokia N8 is going to disappoint what few remaining fans of the Symbian platform there are. According to the Finnish mobile phone maker, the new N-series handset will not be coming out this week as last announced. Instead, they will be opening up pre-orders by the 30th of September and will be shipping out the phones on October.

For those who missed out on the news, the Nokia N8 comes packed with a 12 mega pixel camera and plenty of media playback options including a mini-HDMI output port. The phone was originally meant to come out last April. Sadly, instead of being released on time, the handset was continuously announced for release than delayed (for unknown reasons) over the span of several months.

With the Nokia N9 due to come out by the end of the year, the Nokia needs to be able to bring out the N8 early enough to gather enough sales for the handset.

In other phone news, the HTC Sense UI update that was announced during the HTC event in London has finally been spotted on a video of the HTC Desire HD. This new version of the user interface adds in new visual treats, a cleaner layout and a much more organized view of content.

But what really stands out is the security feature that makes the device compatible with remote access. This will mean that phone users will be able to ring, alert, back up, lock or even wipe the handset from an online account on the newly launched HTC Sense website. Other features included in the new UI are the HTC Hub and the HTC Likes applications.

HTC Updates: Android Phone Prices and Sense in WP7

Monday, September 20th, 2010

HTC has got a pretty impressive combination of smart phones on their lineup. On one hand, the company is pretty much well known as Google’s industry partner and a strong influence in the development of the Android operating system. At the same time, HTC has very strong roots with Microsoft, as the two companies worked hand in hand in the early days of pocket computers.

Now, it seems that the Taiwan based electronics manufacturer will be able to make the most of its’ rich background with the two companies as they will be launching new Android and Windows Phone 7 handsets this coming October.

Microsoft has been pretty specific about announcing that the upcoming launch of the Windows Phone 7 will see several handsets for the OS –among the manufacturers mentioned was HTC. Two of the devices, the HTC Mondrian and the HTC Mozart are being tagged to be available by October. A recent video has shown one of the two devices running Windows Phone 7 and it was shown that an integrated HTC Sense UI functionality is found running on the new OS.

HTC also confirmed that they have two new devices for the Android operating system. Following on the success of the HTC Desire, they have come up with two new phones to follow up the first handset. The first is the HTC Desire HD, which is basically a second version of the Desire tweaked for media playback. It features a larger 4.3 inch touch screen display and a better built in camera. T-Mobile UK has confirmed that they will be offering the handset for free on a 40 Pound monthly contract good for twenty four months.

Amazon UK has also confirmed the Desire Z, which is basically a second version of the HTC Desire but comes with a physical slide out QWERTY keyboard. Amazon will have the device at the initial price of 429 Pounds and the phone is expected to come out within the second week of October.

Upcoming Mobile Phones: the Quick List

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Between the events of two major phone manufacturers to the upcoming launch of the Windows Phone 7 operating system, there has been a great influx of new devices being confirmed for the months of September and October. To give everyone a nice quick recap, here is a quick list of everything so far.

Nokia’s N8 Symbian^3 is definitely launching by the end of September or on the first week of October. The N-series title bearer is expected to lose to the upcoming Nokia N9 which is slated for a December release –despite the fact that he N9 was a no show at the Nokia World Event.

Three new Symbian^3 devices has also been announced by the Finnish mobile phone maker. The C7, E7 and C6-01 handsets all make use of the Symbian^3 operating system. Another C-series handset has also been released in the form of the Nokia C3 Touch and Type edition.

Alcatel has popped out of nowhere to announce the upcoming OT-980 Android smart phone. The device will be bringing mid range specs and the Android 2.1 Éclair. Carphone Warehouse has confirmed that they would have this handset available sometime in October.

In the meanwhile T-Mobile has confirmed that it will be offering pre-orders for the HTC Desire HD and the LG Optimus One handset. The two Android smart phones are expected to arrive next month.

Speaking of the Desire HD, HTC has shown off that device along with the Desire Z at an event held in London. The new phones were supported by the latest version of the HTC Sense UI which featured new security options for users.

On the Windows Phone 7 home front, several devices have already been confirmed for the OS. Phone makers HTC, Motorola, Asus, LG and Samsung are among the lineup of phone makers that are expected to have devices ready on day one of the new platform’s launch.

HTC’s New Devices to Launch in the UK

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Well, yes, obviously, the new HTC Desire Z and Desire HD are naturally UK bound. After all, the two handsets had been shown of at the London HTC event in the first place. According to the manufacturer, the phones are available on pre-order as of now and buyers can expect the handsets to start shipping out by October.

This big new announcement means that those of us who have been tickled to excitement with the demonstrations at the HTC event will not have to wait long before we finally get to see the two handsets in all their Android glory.

For those who missed out on all the fun, here’s a quick recap.

The HTC Desire HD is basically the same old HTC Desire (named as the HTC Ace in the previously leaked roadmap) –except that it is bigger, badder and has a massive media appetite. Featuring a much larger touch screen display (at a full 4.3 inches) the Desire HD is what the next generation of media-happy Android smart phone lovers would need.

For the more hardcore crowd, there is the HTC Desire Z. Also known as the HTC Vision, this Android smart phone focuses on the finer aspects of owning a smart phone –messaging and emails. With the strong demand for smart phones with great physical keyboards, this Android packs a slide out QWERTY pad with all the features one would expect from an HTC Android smart phone. While some might find the keys a little on the thin side, the four row button layout is actually quite easy to get used to.

In other HTC related news, it seems that the HD is not just available for pre-order, but some network operators have already confirmed to be offering the handset as well. T-Mobile UK has announced that the Desire HD will be offered once it is in stock –though no sign of the Desire Z has been spotted as of yet.