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BlackBerry PlayBoook to run Android apps, wise move?

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Last week we got an official confirmation that BlackBerry would be introducing support for Android apps in the PlayBook. While the company hasn’t gone into any details on who to expect and what not to, it has informed the public and developer community that Android apps will run via some type of emulator.

While many are hailing this as a great move by Blackberry as it would allow the company’s new tablet to access well over 150,000 apps currently in the Android Marketplace, others are saying it might be a shot in the leg as it would discourage developers from developing for their new QNX platform (the platform the PlayBook currently runs on).

On one hand Blackberry is in a bind where it has traditionally been seen as a business oriented company even though their latest push into the consumer market has been successful, yet they are arriving to the tablet market with two of their biggest competitors already ahead of them.

It could be argued that the tablet market is young, and that is true. It could also be argued that as many more tablet OS platforms come to the market such as BlackBerry’s QNX, HP’s webOS (formerly Palm webOS), and Intel and Nokia’s Meego, customers will be bombarded with options and a tablet that is able to run hundreds of thousands of apps including those from the competition will better suite itself to play in such a diverse field. Also, with BlackBerry planning deep integration between their smartphones and the PlayBook, something that only HP is working on, it could prove compelling to BlackBerry owners to use a tablet that will support their favorite BlackBerry suite apps as well as apps from other markets.

Source: Engadget

Blackberry roadmap leaked

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Blackberry has been facing increasing competition from all ends. Thanks to many corporate customers falling for the allure and glamour of the competition such as Motorola’s Android offerings, Samsung Galaxy S line and Apple’s iPhone, the Waterloo based company has been struggling to turn around the ship in a market where buttons are so yesterday and everyone wants more stuff to touch.

Thanks to a new direction from the executive seats, the company will be releasing a slew of touch devices between this year and next year to better compete with the competition.

For instance, the company’s PlayBook which was demoed at CES and received much praise for its slick interface and multitasking features will be dropping in the second quarter of 2011 and will feature a 7 inch multi touch screen as well as Blackberry’s Tablet OS platform and a dual core processor as well as storage in the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants along with full 1080p video recording thanks to a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a 3 megapixel camera on the front for video conferencing.

As if that is not enough, the company will follow up on that with the release of the Monaco Touch smartphone which will feature a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor that will support dual band CDMA and Ev-DO 3G along with support for NFC and magnetometer, accelerometer and proximity sensors. There will be a 5 megapixel camera on the back that will support 720p video shooting and the screen is 3.7 inches with a resolution of 800 x 480 and an aspect ratio of 15:9.

The Blackberry roadmap lists the Sedona, the next generation Curve, for a Q4 2011 release and a Malibu touchscreen phone for Q1 of 2012. Maybe RIM will break protocol and give us more scoops on these devices next month.

Source: CrackBerry

Today’s Top Mobile Headlines

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Nokia is suing Apple for 24 counts of patent infringement. The case has been filed in several countries counting the UK, Netherlands and also in Germany as well. As expected, Apple has responded to the lawsuit by filing a counter lawsuit against the Finnish phone maker. With this being their fourth legal battle against each other, the process is starting to look familiar, hopefully, this case gets resolved as soon as possible.

RIM has announced that they have shipped a massive 14.2 million units, and the company has also reported a massive growth of 40% in profits. While the BlackBerry brand still remains a niche name, many are hoping that the new QNX powered BlackBerry Playbook might change the reputation of the company name.

Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform will be receiving a massive update. According to reports, the new update will be coming in the summer of 2011 (around August and September), and by massive, we mean large enough to warrant getting a name. Aside from adding HTML5 and better Silverlight compatibility the update is expected to bring many more features to the OS. The new update has also been nicknamed as the Mango.

Speaking of the Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is not planning a new version of the OS until much later; which means that the currently announced 7.5 update will be all that users can look forward to next year. It is believed that the new version, Windows Phone 8 will be launching on 2012.

Google’s Android Honeycomb has been designed specifically for touch screen tablets. So far, there is no confirmation yet on when the OS version will be released (especially with 2.3 Gingerbread being just released just a while ago). At this point, many believe that the Honeycomb OS will be designated with version 2.4.

BlackBerry in Focus: 3D and More

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

The latest big thing for BlackBerry: 3D.

The technology is making waves in the movie industry. While earning the ire and disdain of many movie critics (who take a pan at recently launched movies being a little too novelty for their own good), 3D is a visual element that certainly draws in people to the visual media a whole lot more than conventional displays. Bring in HD video to the mix and one gets a true immersive experience.

On a mobile phone however, this is quite different. 3D is hard to appreciate on a small screen, let alone when you’re on the go, in a busy lobby or anywhere else that is not the relative comfort of the privacy one can only get at home. Still, it would be interesting to see what Research in Motion will be able to pull off.

Mike Lazaridis, current co-CEO for RIM has taken the stage to talk about the future plans for the company and for the BlackBerry brand. With the smart phone industry now slowly taking over the business market for mobile devices, the need for a new strategy is going to be important for BlackBerry to stay on top of its game. Android is already growing far beyond RIM and rival company Apple has a solid level of success that has surpassed the Canadian phone maker.

However, as excited as the tech industry was to hear the news straight from Lazaridis, many felt disappointed at the way most answers skirted around the questions as opposed to actually providing the world with sensible information. When asked about the expected launch date for the BlakBerry PlayBook tablet, the answer was “We’re tracking Q1”. While somewhat acceptable, Mike chose not to expand (even when asked), leaving people wondering what exactly the man meant by tracking the launch date.

Mobile News Highlights

Monday, November 29th, 2010

HTC is currently leading the industry with a combined lineup of great Windows Phone 7 and Android smart phones. Of course, the Apple iPhone 4’s large media hype and branding has helped it garner so many sales that it is hard to catch up with even after having been launched so many months back, but it is hard to deny that the current market interest and demand for Android phones is staggeringly high. Currently HTC devices have the highest number of searches online –even more than the iPhone.

If this demand starts translating to actual sales, Apple will have some serious competition. HTC may not have been all that well known several years back, but since the rise of the Google Android smart phone, the Taiwan based phone maker has been able to shake off its former reputation as Microsoft’s Pocket PC partner and instead, HTC has risen up to become one of Google’s most trusted industry partners.

In other news, a new Nokia device has been spotted in images. Designated as the Nokia X7-00, the device looks like it has been made specifically to promote the Nokia Ovi Store. Gaming and apps are two key features that are being shown off, as well as media playback. The specs are the same as the Nokia N8 handset, except that the X7-00 has a slightly lower spec camera and has four speakers up front.

The prices for RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook touch screen tablet have been confirmed with the version with the lowest internal memory getting a price tag of below 200 GBP. More than reasonable for any who simply want to browse online or read. At 400 GBP, there is plenty of storage space for media as well. With the promising new QNX OS and a good price rating, expect the Playbook to do well in terms of sales when it finally comes out.

Round Up of Today’s Mobile News

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Vodafone is currently working very hard to push the limits and improve their services –more particularly, their network coverage. With many locations in the UK still lacking proper network connectivity and access, the mobile network operator has made it a major goal to enhance their area of coverage as soon as possible.

In London alone, it has been reported that Vodafone has been spending about 1 million Pounds each day in order to maintain and improve their network. This project has started since September 25 and is expected to finish by the end of the year. For those in closed locations, the Femtocell Sure Signal booster is also available.

3 UK has confirmed that they will also be offering the Apple iPad under subsidized contracts. T-Mobile and Orange UK have been the first to make the announcement regarding the touch screen tablet from the Cupertino based company. The announcement from the virtual network operator is going to be a major source of happiness for those hoping to get great 3G deals for the web browsing tablet.

BlackBerry’s Playbook touch screen tablet is reportedly going to be price a lot cheaper than its two biggest competitors: the iPad and the Galaxy Tab. Reports state that the 8 GB version of the QNX tablet is going to have a 189.84 GBP price tag while the 32 GB version will be priced at 380.32 GBP.

Samsung has confirmed that not only are they working on the next Nexus branded handset (the Nexus S), but they are also going to release a new non-Galaxy Android phone, the Stealth V. This new handset will be featuring high end specs and media streaming capabilities.

Lastly, new rumors about the PSP phone have popped out announcing that the device might get an official unveiling this December 9. However, due to the lack of credibility from the source of the leak makes us all doubt that the news is believable.

Today in Mobile News: Upcoming Devices

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

HTC’s Merge handset has been appearing quite a lot in news updates recently. The keyboard toting Android smart phone has been quite the attention grabber as HTC has finally decided to come out with a not-so-high-end smart phone that packs a physical QWERTY keyboard.

The biggest disappointment here is that the Merge is still announced as a US carrier Verizon exclusive which means that the only hope for a local re-release of the handset would be to wait it out for a month or so before HTC gives the Merge a quick name change and brings it here.

Nokia is once again showing us all where the money is at: the low end mobile phone market. Two new devices are being buffed up by Nokia, the C2-01 and X2-01 handsets. Despite the fact that the designations for the two are similar, these two phones look quite different from each other.

The C2-01 is your standard candy bar mobile phone while the X2-01 brings in a physical QWERTY keyboard in portrait view (similar to the BlackBerry layout). Specs wise, the two devices are as low end as one can get, but interested folks can also expect to get a very decent price tag as well.

The BlackBerry Playbook touch screen tablet has been slowly bobbing up and down the radar as the Samsung Tab and the iPad are still battling it out for the top spot in the tablet industry wars. Still, the Playbook deserves some much needed attention.

RIM has already confirmed that the device will be commercially available sometime this coming Q2 of 2011, but aside from that, not specific launch date has been pinned down. From what we have seen from the QNX mobile platform, this is one device that tablet users will enjoy in terms of browsing and media playback –though app support is still one major weakness for the device.

Tablet Prices to Go Down for the Holidays

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Touch screen tablets are not necessary devices to have at home, but they certainly are a joy to have around. Imagine being able to access the web, your email, social networking account, and all the top news stories from the comfort of your couch, or bed, or even the front porch –much like reading a newspaper, but with media access.

Indeed, tablets are slowly becoming a common device to have around –not quite a staple yet, considering how many people cannot afford the hardware. In terms of cost, tablets are still not cost effective –one could opt to buy a couple of mid range smart phones instead. Or even a single high end one then simply save the plentiful change.

Samsung and RIM however, want you to have touch screen tablets, and as such, they have both announced price cuts for their respective tablets.

The Android Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab comes with a 1GHz CPU, a camera and a 7 inch capacitive touch screen display. It can handle media, eBooks and of course, the whole line of Google’s Android apps. One of the best things about this device: it is Flash capable. Forget the whole issue about the Tab being 3 inches smaller in screen size as compared to the iPad –the smaller screen is actually more ergonomic; this is a big plus for those who love to read digital eBooks (since the iPad actually becomes a little heavy after a while). Originally priced at over 600 Pounds, the new price tag now comes at a much more reasonable 489.99 Pounds.

RIM is not bringing down the price on the BlackBerry Playbook, though the price difference is not as significant as Samsung’s new cost. This is mostly likely due to the fact that the Playbook has already come out at a much reasonable cost of being less than 400 Pounds. This is far from being a budget tablet –like the eTouch, but the QNX OS provides buyers with a very compelling argument.

Mobile Digest: Today’s News in Quick Bites

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Samsung is being linked to two major Android related rumors. While the Nexus S rumors are already spreading out thanks to the recently leaked images, a new handset which is rumored to have next generation specs is said to be in the works for the Korean Phone maker.

Eyebrows are being raised as O2 UK has confirmed that the Palm Pre 2 will not be part of their lineup. Despite the fact that O2 UK has an exclusive deal with Palm regarding the distribution of the handsets locally.

HTC’s newest handset is supposedly a Verizon exclusive. Since the device mainly features 4G support, there is very little chance that the device will ever make it to UK shores. Still, one cannot help but hope since the same thing happened with the Motorola Milestone (known as the Motorola Droid in the US) which received a new name and eventually got distributed locally.

BlackBerry’s Facebook application is finally getting an update to support the new GPS Maps and Facebook Places feature for all RIM smart Phones.

RIM has also recently launched the BlackBerry Playbook. However tablets seem to be on the not-in-demand list for the UK gadget market. According to a recent study, many people are interested in having a touch screen tablet, but find the current prices too expensive to be practical. After all, many recognize the convenience of having a web browsing and media playing tablet, but with the Apple iPad and Galaxy Tabs’ current price tags, most would prefer to stick to their mobile devices instead. There are budget tablet devices that are available, but like the eTouch units, most only use older platforms like the Android 1.6 Donut.

Lastly, Vodafone UK is now offering the HTC Desire Z to its subscribers. The new Android from HTC sports a slide out QWERTY keyboard that will certainly delight smart phone users who rely heavily on messaging and social networking.

Tablet and Social Networking on BlackBerry, O2 Android Launched

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Technically, the O2 Android 2.2 Froyo update for the HTC Desire should be considered as a re-launch. According to reports, the update of the Android handset came out as scheduled but O2 UK was forced to shut it down after several reports of freezing issues came in. While the exact cause of the problem was not detailed in the reports, there were enough cases to warrant the removal of the update for a small period of time.

This situation is similar to the one Orange Mobile UK faced with the same Android 2.2 Froyo. When installed successfully however, the new OS is a charm to use on the HTC Desire. The speed is significantly faster and all the new features are certainly quite useful too –particularly the update to the camera’s user interface.

In any case, the update for 2.2 Froyo is finally back online and HTC Desire owners under the network can start downloading the update –just be sure to do so under a secure and stable connection as the update file is pretty big.

Moving on, Research in Motion has announced not only their plans for the BlackBerry tablet, but they have also announced the new systems and features that will be available to BlackBerry users. The new tablet will be named as the BlackBerry Playbook and will feature a 7 inch capacitive touch screen display, a 1GHz Processor and dual cameras. While the launch is still pretty far away –around the second quarter of 2011, it is a pretty decent tablet to look forward to.

As for the new systems and apps for the BlackBerry OS, users have plenty to be excited about with the new BBM. The BlackBerry messenger has always been a core function for RIM handsets and now users will be able to do more things such as being able to invite friends to app games or actual events.