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Apple Says White iPhone 4G is Challenging to Make

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Apple-iphone-4-whiteIf you are one of the unlucky guys who have been tasked by wives, girlfriends or mothers to buy them a white iPhone on launch, you will have to ask them to wait a while longer. Apparently, the white colored iPhone 4Gs are lagging behind their sleek black counterparts in the production process. This means that it will take them longer to leave the factory to go home with you. Or so Apple says:

“White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have proven more challenging to manufacture than expected, and as a result they will not be available until the second half of July. The availability of the more popular iPhone 4 black models is not affected.”

Apple-iPhone-4GNow, it is either the white case is using a different finish than the black version or it is simply Apple’s way of prolonging the iPhone 4G’s profit spike. According to the white device’s pre-order page, it is just not possible to reserve one now. So if you simply cannot wait, you can go for a black iPhone 4 and risk being tempted to buy a second unit for vanity’s sake. Otherwise, you may have to make do with your iPhone 3G S for a little while longer.

If you can wait then you will be one of the people making Apple a bit richer when the time comes that they are ready to release the product. Just be sure to be ready if the Cupertino-based mobile product giant decides to release the handsets with a premium price tag. Remember what happened to the iPhone 3G when a white variant was launched in limited quantities? The iPhone 4G may just be a déjà vu of that.

At any rate, it is not as if this marketing stint was not expected. Apple has been known to go for the theatrical when it comes to their devices. Don’t believe it? Just back track to how Apple handled a Gizmodo journalist when they blogged about a “misplaced” iPhone prototype.

Some Last Minute iOS 4 Mail Surprises for iPhone Owners

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Apple-iPhone-4GIf you have an older iPhone model and are not yet sold whether or not you want an iPhone 4, you can simply choose to try out the perks of the new operating system. Anyone who has an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS will be able to try out the iOS 4 platform, straight out of the oven.

Even those who have current generation iPod Touch devices can get a sneak peak of how good (or buggy) the iOS 4 platform runs by simply downloading it from iTunes. Developers who have had the privilege to try out build 8A293 will recognize the final release. It looks like after all the tests, Apple was unable to find anything that needs drastic changing.

While owners of older units will not be able to enjoy functions such as multitasking, customized home screen wallpapers or the Bluetooth keyboard functionality, there are still added features to make it worth the download.

iOS4-steve-jobsFor example, the mail system can now recognize snippets that refer to events or tracking information for your parcels. These work automatically so you will not need to scramble for the details just to write them on your schedule. For example, your niece’s birthday party is at 12:00 NN on Saturday, the mail program detects this and opens a dialogue box asking you if you would like to set this event or appointment on your Calendar app. This way, you will not need to manually manage anything and you can save it in your appointments as soon as you receive the details.

As for managing your parcels, the mail system automatically recognizes your package’s tracking number and provides you a clickable link which opens a page in the Safari browser.

These may not be shocking changes but they are quite handy to have around. At the very least, these improvements prove that Apple is listening to what their fans are asking for.

iPhone 4G: Double the RAM, Double the Fun

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Apple-iPhone-4-3iPhone fans all over the world have been hanging onto every iPhone tidbit coming their way since the little device has been announced to the masses. The latest in the iPhone family, the iPhone 4G, is the current star of the show. Stealing the limelight from even the iPad, the iPhone 4 has features like multitask capabilities as well as a killer 5 megapixel camera. That being said, the latest spec to hit the airwaves is focused on the Apple device’s RAM.

Reports say that the latest Apple device sports double the RAM of the iPhone 3GS. Since the iPhone 4 boasts a 512 MB RAM, this also makes it double the iPad’s 256 MB RAM.

Apple-iPhone-4GThe technologically savvy Apple buffs had to figure this one out on their own first however, because Apple has kept mum about the device’s hardware. Since the original iPhone’s debut, the company has increased their efforts in shielding the actual tech specs of upcoming devices from the public and the media. This may be to discourage people from scrutinizing the numbers too much that they fail to see the company’s overall intention for the device.

Since then, the rumor has been confirmed. This is further supported by the fact that iOS 4’s native functions such as its multitasking capability was announced to be incompatible with older (like 3G and 3GS) models. To put it simply, older devices do not have enough RAM to run the functions efficiently.

At the very least, this is better than previously expected. The prototype model which has found its way to the press before only had a 256 MB RAM on board. The added power should help with most of its operations and add exclusive stuff such as the ability to run the iMovie video editing app as well as the device’s multitasking support without any hiccups.

Record Breaking iPhone 4 Reservations Caused Site Hiccup

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Apple-iPhone-4-3Apparently, the iPhone 4 has a significantly higher demand compared to the iPhone 3GS. Sure, both devices are guaranteed to succeed, but the iPhone 4G is packed to the brim with fresh (that means HD) Apple technology. Adopters seem to think so as well and that is why online preorders skyrocketed to an astounding 600,000. In Apple history, that would be the highest number of preorders on a single day.

The stability issue happened last June 15 and continued for about three hours. This resulted in an erratic server that may or may not be able to take reservations. Those who were lucky to have been able to proceed with the steps in the reservation process had sometimes found their connection cut and may have simply given up in frustration. Having so much traffic to the official site apparently caused problems with server performance.

“Yesterday Apple and its carrier partners took pre-orders for more than 600,000 of Apple’s new iPhone 4. It was the largest number of pre-orders Apple has ever taken in a single day and was far higher than we anticipated, resulting in many order and approval system malfunctions.”

Apple-iPhone-4GSince the preorder and reservation process has started, the launch day allotment for the Apple iPhone 4 has now been officially filled up. If you are one of the people who were not able (or have given up) to get a slot in the reservation, you can try to reserve again because it seems that the technical hiccups have been resolved. If you are still having problems, then you may just have to resort to heading to an Apple carrier store on launch.

While the server was having problems, Apple had been forced to reserve using manual (pen and paper) methods. They have even pushed back the estimated delivery time to July 2.

According to T-Mobile’s Germany branch, their website’s traffic has increased tenfold when ranked up against the iPhone 3GS release.

Start Your Filmmaking Career with iMovie for iPhone

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Apple-iPhone-4-3The iPhone 4 is really building up hype in terms of its hardware capabilities. In contrast, talks about iPhone 4 software is left on the side lines. Well, until Apple announced the iMovie anyway.

If you have not heard about it yet, the iMovie is a video editing app that gives users the ability to manipulate 720p video clips on the go. You will be able to create your own video masterpiece by making use of all the available transitions, themes, music and titles without the need to connect the device to a computer.

Instead of continuously tapping the touch screen, you will also be able to make use of the iPhone’s gesture system. For example, you will be able to scale your video’s timeline by pinching, making the process so much more fluid. This user friendly process gives you the freedom to, say, integrate your still photos into your captured video, making it easy to make keep worthy videos.

Apple-iPhone-4GWhen you are done editing your videos to your heart’s desire, you will be given the option to choose from three different resolutions when you are finished with your project. To be specific, you will be able to export your video to a 360p, 520p or 720p resolution. This is all well and good, but there is a catch. Apparently, this app is not packed by default with the iOS 4. If you want to create homebrew videos on your iPhone, you will have to purchase the iMovie app for about 3.50 GBP.

Last but not the least, iPhone 3G and 3GS owners need to take note that this app cannot be used by older iPhone models. Tweaking HD quality videos and placing real time effects on them require a high processing power that only the iPhone 4G’s A4 chip can handle.

Rumor of Next Generation iPhone Affecting Apple Sales

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

apple-iphone-3gIt seems that there are plenty of people who are losing interest in the iPhone 3G/3Gs. Since it was leaked several weeks ago, the next generation iPhone has not only been stealing the spotlight, it has also been stealing sales.

According to experts, many people who were originally intending to buy the older iPhone were discouraged to do so by the sudden news that the next device is just around the corner. The leaks –which showed the new handset in a series of blurry images accompanied by rumor filled articles speculating the possible specs and features of the device has many people convinced that waiting for the new phone might be a better idea than just buying one straight out.

In the US, the device is now being put on a very low sale price -perhaps to get rid of old stocks or simply to retain interest in Apple’s handset. Locally however, the price of the iPhone has relatively stayed pretty much the same ever since, though this is expected to change in the next few months.

Despite the fact that the iPhone will soon be made obsolete by the newer model, one cannot deny the significant influence and impact that Apple’s smart phone made in the mobile phone industry. The iPhone OS practically wrote the standards for touch based user interfaces and it also served as an icon for the industry.

steve-jobsThe device’s large 3.5 inch touch screen display was among the most familiar sights when it came to smart phones, and the simplistic single button layout of the face created the start of a minimal layout revolution for touch screen devices.

Should Steve Jobs be announcing the next Apple iPhone handset during the WWDC, it would mark the end of a very important era in smart phone technology.

Experts Predict Apple to Sell More than 6 Million iPads

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Apple-iPadAccording to some industry experts, the Apple iPad will be a commercial success for the electronics manufacturer. Some are even saying that Steve Jobs’ touch screen tablet gadget will sell up to 2.5 million units in the first few months of sales alone.

This impressive numbers are certainly making the folks at Apple happy as the launch of the iPad tablet draws closer and closer each day. While UK may have to wait for a couple of weeks longer for a local release, the US will be getting the Apple iPad this April 3.

Reports show that Apple will only be offering the 3G version of the device in the US while the choice between 3G and non-3G versions will be available when the device finally hits the UK later this April.

The sales estimates are pretty big, but considering how well the iPod Touch and the iPhone 3G fared, it would not be surprising to see the iPad reach successful sales figures. What matters right now is for Apple to make sure that their stocks come without problems. While it seems that many people are willing to tolerate the lack of Adobe Flash support on the iPad browser and also the fact that the device is not able to support multi tasking, the last thing Apple needs right now is to add another major snag to the device.

As some of you may remember, various versions of the iPod had severe battery problems. Further complicated by the fact that Apple devices are closed –replacing the battery was a major issue for many users. While we hoped that this would no longer happen for the iPad, there were some issues a couple of weeks ago regarding the battery of the tablet. Apple did announce that they will be replacing defective batteries for a hefty price –a hint of possible future problems.

Find out more about the launch estimates for the Apple iPad at Times Online UK.

iPhone Apps: Beer and Money

Monday, March 29th, 2010

app storeThe National Cask Ale week is coming up this March 29 until April 5 so get ready to join up with your favorite drinking buddies at your favorite pub next week. Of course, if you are feeling a little more adventurous and would like to celebrate the spirit of the weeklong event, then you might also consider having your favorite tipple at some brand new spot. Of course, bring your Apple iPhone along because it will be your drinking best friend

Checking out new pubs is fun, but it helps getting a quick heads up about what’s available on the tap and what kinds of crowds you will be seeing once you enter the door, so you can either go straight to the official Cask Ale week website to check their pub finder feature, or just download the Cask Finder application.

Cask Finder works hand in hand with your GPS to help you locate and track down those hard to find pubs and also to give you a quick rundown of available information on the place. After all, what’s the point of enjoying the celebration if you are not going to make an adventure of it? Obviously, the event will run for the whole week so be sure to grab your friends and try someplace new each night.

Of course, getting all tipsy and funny is one thing, but it certainly would hurt your wallet if your start overspending your drinking budget. This is where the iPhone’s Personal Finance application kicks in. It is a simple system that will manage your bills and multiple bank accounts. With this, you can keep track of expenses, your spending patterns and ultimately, figure out where all the money really goes.

Find out more about the new Cask Finder app and the financial app at Stuff TV.

Meet the NewKinetix Re Universal Remote for iPhone

Friday, March 26th, 2010

NewKinetix iPhone RemoteThe Re Universal Remote is a full-featured IR remote plug-in made for the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch from the company NewKinetix LLC. The plug-in and its app were featured at this year’s CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas.

The Re is able to control any number of entertainment devices from any room thanks to its equipped upgradeable IR database system. John Miller, head of the NewKinetix engineering and operations department mentions that this is the feature that makes the Re better than other universal remotes out in the market:

“The Re has a fully populated IR code database chip for instant support of nearly all AV entertainment and home automation devices.”

It is an attractive feature indeed, considering the fact that the Re Universal Remote has 415 built-in codes that is able to recognize a considerable amount of brands and thousands of device models (DVD, BluRay and cable boxes included). That surely minimizes the need to update the Re through Wi-Fi while on the go. Miller is also confident that the Re will be the only universal remote you will need because of its constant app updates.

“While others are catching up, NewKinetix will continue to expand its feature lead with regular updates of the Re.”

The app is going to be used to organize the devices and set presets to enable grouped device control. Favorites can be set to coincide with the user’s regular activities. It has unlimited macros and favorites lists as well as the ability to have a customized screen layout on the remote control interface. The strength of the IR transmitter can reach up to 40 feet. The Re transmitter is compatible with most iPhone/iPod Touch accessory cases.

The Re Universal Remote accessory is now available through the company’s official site ( The app is also up and free to download though it would be totally useless without the plug-in accessory.

More about the Re can be read at Engadget.

iPhone Multitasking: Still Missing

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Apple iPhone 3GSThe Apple iPhone is one of the most impressive electronic devices of our time. While not everyone has bothered to shell out the extra wads of cash to own one, it is an almost given fact that this is the most iconic and well known smart phone for the current generation of electronic devices.

The iPhone has outperformed and outsold every single other mobile device in the past two years, and counting; all devices that have been given the name iPhone killer have lived up to the hype, even the Google Phone, which most experts believed had what it takes to match Apple’s giant, fizzled out within the same month of its launch.

Sadly, as impressive as the iPhone it, it is not without flaws. First off, Apple loves closed devices. This means that the casing and the battery of the iPhone are non-removable –this has turned out to be a problem for many who would prefer to have custom cases and more importantly, have their batteries replaced.

Another catch with the iPhone is that it cannot multi task.

Specs wise, the iPhone is a powerful smart phone that can run games and applications that other mobile devices cannot. In terms of hardware, this two year old device can still keep up with the latest Snapdragon smart phone. The only thing holding back the iPhone from enabling multi tasking is Apple’s own iPhone OS.

To be technically correct about it, the iPhone will allow you to multi task with some phone specific functions –such as playing music on iTunes while doing something else, except running apps. There are many speculated reasons as to why multitasking for third party applications is disabled. The most common answer is that it may cause vulnerabilities in security and of course, eat up the battery life.

Get to know more about the lack of multitasking in the iPhone (and the rumors about possible enabling) at Stuff TV.