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Three UK to stock Nokia E7

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

In the wake of Nokia’s new found operating system choice (Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7), the company will be phasing out Symbian^3 and so the Nokia E7 represents one of the last devices from the Finnish companies that will run the outgoing OS.

And thanks to Vodofone UK, Three UK has now come forward with word that they too will be stocking the QWERTY equipped Nokia E7 smartphone in April. The news came via the companies Twitter account and has since added the device to its Coming Soon page. As of yet there are no pricing points for the device, but Three is scheduled to shortly release the pricing tariffs for the E7 and many are speculating that there will be an all-you-can-eat data plan in the mix.

Originally the device was scheduled to land in December of 2010, however, due to complications the launch has been pushed back till April of this year and while the device is slow in getting to the market, it will be coming in among the elite of Samsung’s Symbian^3 line. Said device will feature a 4-inch AMOLED screen with a full slide out QWERTY keyboard and an 8 megapixel camera on the back which is able to capture HD content at resolutions of 720p. There is 16GB of onboard storage with 3G and Wi-Fi in the mix as well as Microsoft Office for all your document editing and creating needs.

There is not an exact date as of yet for the release date, but Expansys claims they will have the device on April the 5th with the SIM free version clocking in at £494.99. Not the cheapest smartphone on the market, but reasonable nonetheless.

Source: Twitter

Mobile News: Today’s Top Highlights

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Skype has announced that it will be updated for the Android mobile platform –and the Samsung Galaxy S will finally be compatible with the VOIP service. This little bit of good news comes as another reason to go for Samsung’s already impressive Android handset. The Skype app is often hard to get for many users as not a lot of phones can support the feature –and the fact that local networks are not too happy about it either. In any case, the app is now officially available on the Android market.

Vodafone UK is certain that the Froyo update for the HTC Magic is certainly the way to go. The announcement yesterday was that the update will be selective and will not provide the ancient Android with all the new features of version 2.2, but will still be delivering an impressive array of new features that diehard fans of the older phone will certainly appreciate.

HTC has confirmed that they have several devices fully equipped with both NFC, dual core CPUs and 4G technology already in the works. LTE or long term evolution hardware changes standards a lot, and HTC wants to keep on top of the trends. HTC CEO Peter Chou also confirmed that he wants to pursue the use 4G technology.

3 UK, a local virtual network operator, has been confirmed that the unlimited browsing scheme is now back. Despite previous complaints by other network operators about the heavy consumption of bandwidth slowing down services to many users, 3 UK is offering the service to anyone subscribed to the 35 Pound monthly tariff –which is certainly quite tempting to many folks who consider the 500MB limit a little too low. Should we expect to see the returns of unlimited browsing on other networks as well? –that possibility is quite unlikely as 3 UK is a specialized 3G network.

Today’s Mobile News Highlights

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Tesco has announced that the sales of mobile phones are expected to reach a fever pitch this coming holiday season. While there are plenty of people that will be shopping straight from retail stores, a vast majority of the sales will be coming from the internet: online shopping is fast becoming the new option for busy people –about 78% of total sales is expected to come directly through online buyers.

A new Tegra 2 Powered smart phone from LG is expected to appear at the upcoming Mobile World Congress: the LG Star. Aside from the fact that this is a full touch screen smart phone using the Android 2.2 OS with an HDMI output port, little else has been revealed about this new device from the Korean phone maker.

Gresso has announced that they are launching a new luxury smart phone: the Luxor. While this expensive device screams nothing but style and class, buyers should be reminded that the use of 200 year old African Blackwood on a phone that will probably not be used for more than a couple of years is definitely not encouraged.

Orange and T-Mobile UK’s offer for the Apple iPad is impressive and hard to match. Everything Everywhere currently offers one of the best deals for the touch screen tablet –a feature that is only matched by 3 UK, which currently holds the post for having the best options for Apple iPhone 4 and iPad buyers.

Sony Ericsson has confirmed that the XPERIA X8 will finally be getting an update to the Android 2.1 Éclair. Not quite the impressive Flash 10.1 capable Froyo update that we have been waiting for, but this is still a great bit of news for this 1.6 Donut handset.

Images of what appears to be the Nokia N00 has been spotted online, plenty of speculations about this supposedly MeeGo OS powered device has sprouted up. With the N9 nowhere in sight, we doubt that the N00 will be coming out anytime soon.

Round Up of Today’s Mobile News

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Vodafone is currently working very hard to push the limits and improve their services –more particularly, their network coverage. With many locations in the UK still lacking proper network connectivity and access, the mobile network operator has made it a major goal to enhance their area of coverage as soon as possible.

In London alone, it has been reported that Vodafone has been spending about 1 million Pounds each day in order to maintain and improve their network. This project has started since September 25 and is expected to finish by the end of the year. For those in closed locations, the Femtocell Sure Signal booster is also available.

3 UK has confirmed that they will also be offering the Apple iPad under subsidized contracts. T-Mobile and Orange UK have been the first to make the announcement regarding the touch screen tablet from the Cupertino based company. The announcement from the virtual network operator is going to be a major source of happiness for those hoping to get great 3G deals for the web browsing tablet.

BlackBerry’s Playbook touch screen tablet is reportedly going to be price a lot cheaper than its two biggest competitors: the iPad and the Galaxy Tab. Reports state that the 8 GB version of the QNX tablet is going to have a 189.84 GBP price tag while the 32 GB version will be priced at 380.32 GBP.

Samsung has confirmed that not only are they working on the next Nexus branded handset (the Nexus S), but they are also going to release a new non-Galaxy Android phone, the Stealth V. This new handset will be featuring high end specs and media streaming capabilities.

Lastly, new rumors about the PSP phone have popped out announcing that the device might get an official unveiling this December 9. However, due to the lack of credibility from the source of the leak makes us all doubt that the news is believable.

Network Watch: Windows Phone 7 Devices

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Many would know the basic facts about the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform by now, and considering the vast number of leaks and rumors that have circulated in the past couple of months, the specs and other important details about the new WP7 handsets are no longer that surprising.

But knowing where all these new phones are –that is the big question of the week. These new WP7 handsets are due to be released by October 22, and here’s a quick rundown of the various networks and all the phones they offer.

Mobile virtual network operator 3 UK has actually managed to snag a couple of handsets. The Dell Venue Pro, which has been renamed from Dell Lightning, is confirmed to be heading to the network. The QWERTY keyboard toting handset is going to be an interesting choice for buyers.

Samsung’s Omnia 7 is also heading to 3 UK which means that this super AMOLED touch screen smart phone will serve as the main media centric WP7 handset under 3 UK.

Vodafone UK has got two major handsets under their flag. LG’s Optimus 7 and HTC 7 Trophy will both be heading towards the UK network operator. The Trophy seems like an interesting choice over the Optimus 7 –simply because it is an HTC device. The addition of HD video and SRS surround also makes it a compelling media playback device.

O2 will be offering the HTC HD7. While initial reports indicate that there might be some sort of exclusivity going on, no specific details have been confirmed. O2 has priced the handset at 379 GPB on a pay as you go scheme; the device is also being offered on a wide range of 2 year tariffs.

Lastly, Orange Mobile UK will be offering the HTC Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7 (aside from 3 and Orange, the Omnia will be out on T-Mobile as well). The Mozart’s 8 mega pixel snapper and Xenon flash technology is certainly getting plenty of attention for those who love their camera phones.

eXpansys and 3 UK Confirm Galaxy Tab Prices

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Despite the initial statements from Google that the Android operating system has not been designed for use with tablet devices (it can be used, but not optimally as the mobile platform was truly meant for smart phones) it seems that the public demand for an Android based tablet device is far too strong to be ignored.

According to reports, both the online retailer eXpansys and mobile virtual network operator 3 UK have both confirmed that they will be offering the Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab touch screen tablet device when the device finally comes out.

At eXpansys, the touch screen tablet is going to cost buyers a hefty sum of 679.99 Pounds, while that cost might not seem so attractive, it is definitely in the same neighborhood as the cost of the original Apple iPad. And considering that the Galaxy Tab has a better operating system and more functionality, it is already a good deal.

For those who want the device on a good plan, there are several options available at 3 mobile. Currently, the most encouraged offer is that which provides the tablet with plenty of data and voice call options.

There are 10 and 15 pound offers that provide data, voice calls and SMS messages as well as a data-only plan for those who do not fully intend to make use of the Galaxy Tab’s functions.

For those who are wondering about that last statement; yes, there are voice call minutes to be consumed with the Galaxy Tab. The reason for this is due to the fact that Samsung’s little touch screen tablet offers a very special feature unavailable to the iPad –the ability to make and receive voice calls.

This makes the Tab as the largest Android handset available, but that should not be a problem at all.

3 UK Confirms BlackBerry Torch

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Mobile virtual network operator 3 UK has just confirmed that they will be offering the upcoming BlackBerry 9800 Torch smart phone when it finally comes out by (supposedly) the end of August. The device has been making a very strong impact with the initially rumored specs and the leaked images of a new large screen slider phone from Research in Motion.

RIM has always been one of the biggest pioneers in the mobile phone industry and while the company has settled to a more passive role as the main business phone maker among other manufacturers, their share in the general smart phone market is slowly dipping down. Before, smart phones were only used by business clients. No one had any inclination to carry around bulky handset just to be able to send and receive emails (though some were addicted to it, and ended up coining the term, CrackBerry –but that is a different story to be discussed for a later time).

With the advent of better batteries, smaller hardware and of course, better wireless and network services that allowed for high speed data transfers, people started becoming more and more attracted to the concept of owning smart phones. Apple managed to take the lead in the sudden demand with the introduction of the first iPhone –and the rest is history.

RIM managed to keep up with the industry thus far, but recent reports indicate the start of a slow decline in public interest for RIM’s handsets. While there are those who love to stick with the much loved keyboard handset maker, other companies are also coming out with slide out keyboard devices as well. The new 9800 Torch is going to have the new BB OS 6 firmware which is said to be more attuned to the needs of the general users –particularly with the media playback and touch controls.

Three’s Plans for the iPhone 4 Revealed

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Three seems to be the last in line to get Apple’s highly popular iPhone 4. After T-Mobile has announced their own plans of releasing the device this coming July 30, Three has also spilled the beans on their own plans. The two very prominent mobile network operators will have to slice of the iPhone 4 pie when getting consumers to peruse their services.

This news came from Three’s very own sponsored blog site, namely, Mobile Buzz. Which means that this little tidbit is as confirmed as it gets. With regards to what the contracts entail and the details of the subscription, it is looking mighty tempting.

For any Apple die hard in the UK that has yet to get an iPhone 4, Three gives you choices. For a reasonable 30 GBP per month and an initial payment of 99 GBP for the actual mobile phone unit, you will get the 16 GB version of the iPhone 4 coupled with 5000 text messages, 500 minutes of non-stop talk time (Three to Three) and 1 GB of data transferred through web surfing.

The data focused mobile network carrier also has an option for consumers who would rather go for the 32 GB version of Apple’s controversial device. For a 32 GB capacity iPhone 4, it will cost about 189 GBP initially. Interestingly, there is no 35 GBP plan available for consumers.

For those who would rather forego the onetime payment of 99 GBP or 189 GBP, there is a 45 GBP per month option without an initial cost. At the very least this helps ease the purchase instead of requiring you to pay a significant amount up front.

While Omio does not have any news regarding the deals as of now, there is a way to get email alerts by signing up for the service on their site.

3 UK Launches One Plan and Impressive Phone Offers

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

3-logoVirtual mobile network operator 3 UK has announced the One Plan –an impressive new offer that takes away the old unlimited approach and instead, offers users a glutinous amount of consumable allowances for data, calls and text messages for each month.

Gratuitous would be the fitting word for the One Plan; at 28 Pounds Sterling per month, smart phone owners will be able to enjoy a full 1GHz worth of data , 5,000 text messages, 5,000 minutes for calls to other 3 UK numbers and 2,000 minutes of general call time. That is already a massive value for a plan, but for those who would like to stay on shorter contracts, a 25 Pound, 12 month tariff is also available –which offers the same minutes, data and text messages.

Smart phone owners who are heavy phone users might want to try out these plans –or even switch if your monthly data allowance is not sufficient.

For those who have yet to buy a smart phone -3 UK is also offering several great options. Right now, the Apple iPhone 4 is confirmed to be coming to the network, but pre-orders have yet to be made available. 3 is allowing those who are interested to sign up for the registration –hopefully, once the network operator is able to confirm the exact date of availability, they will be able to open up the pre-orders and reservations.

3 UK is also offering HTC’s Android smart phone, the HTC Desire. This impressive little handset comes with a high speed 1GHz Snapdragon CPU for handling any resource hogging app or feature. For the display, the handset uses a 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen provides a high quality image and responsive touch controls. The phone also comes with a 5 mega pixel camera with LED flash, auto focus and video recording capabilities.

3 and Sony Ericsson Bring New Spotify Promo

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10Music buffs have plenty to be happy about with the new promotion by Sony Ericsson and 3 Mobile. According to reports, there is a new service on Spotify that will allow users to download and listen to tracks in the playlists of their favorite artists.

Okay, for those who did not exactly get that: users can download a playlist –which is a list of songs in a certain order and is used by music listeners to determine which songs they want to play and in what order. The pre-made playlists Spotify will offer are the ones that artists listen to, providing listeners with a new perspective on the artist beyond their own songs.

Getting to know which songs or artists inspired your favorite singer is pretty interesting though something that only real music fans would be able to appreciate.

Anyway, the Spotify music service on the XPERIA X10 Android smart phone is already available under 3 Mobile for the budget friendly price of £10 per month. For that small fee, users will be able to stream or download high quality audio files for playback. The number of tracks a user can listen to is unlimited and the Spotify music library not only large but also up to date.

On a side note, there are some music fans that refuse to get the Spotify service. Despite the cheap price and the high quality music, many feel that Spotify ‘cheats’ artists out of revenue for their songs. Some even state that there are artists that never get paid at all –a major issue that many believe is the reason why Spotify is unable to launch outside of the UK. Unless Spotify is able to fix this situation, it may remain a UK-only service for a very long time.