TMobile Vairy Touch: An Elegant Mini PDA Design

Vairy-TouchT-Mobile UK is planning to add to its bunch a new mobile phone which is made by the Chinese phone company ZTE. It has been named T-Mobile Vairy Touch. This new phone will have touchscreen capabilities and will soon join in the T-Mobile UK PrePay listings of mobile phones. T-Mobile’s adaptation of the HTC Touch Pro2, the T-Mobile Vario Touch is expected to be launched in the UK, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and the Czech Republic in June 2009. It is one of the most interesting launches at the MWC this year and will be ardently anticipated. T-Mobile Vairy Touch deals are a wonderful way of purchasing the phone.
The phone has a PDA-style touchscreen and will offer connectivity with GSM GPRS 900/1800 bands. Vario Touch has a 1.3-megapixel camera with Bluetooth connectivity and FM Radio features. The new phone has very trendy design with Multimedia Entertainment and MMS, voice as well as SMS facility. It will come with a battery which will provide almost 180 minutes of talk time, and 180 hours of standby time.
Vairy-TouchAccording to the T-Mobile Vairy Touch reviews it has been designed with the concept of providing stylish and reasonable pre-paid phones to the users. Vairy Touch is a user-friendly and excellent cost mobile with a touchscreen which comes with a stylist pen to write text messages. There is a memory card of 1GB to store the pictures you click and can mail them to others through Bluetooth. It is also possible to customize the Vairy Touch with wallpapers, ringtones and other fun stuff.  MP3 player allows you to listen to your favorite music.
ZTE as some of us know is an international provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. The company hopes to grow as the biggest mobile phone manufacturers in the world in the coming years. The touchscreen T-Mobile Vairy Touch phone is now available in the UK at the price tag of £59.99. T-Mobile Vairy Touch contracts are available with most of the top UK networks.


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