The Advantage of Having Windows Mobile on the T-Mobile MDA Compact V

tmobile-mda-compact-vThe Motorola MC55, the Samsung i637 Jack, and now the T-Mobile MDA Compact V. What do these Smartphones have in common? Well, they all sport Microsoft’s latest version of their mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.1. Already established as arguably the best (but definitely most prevalent) operating system for computers, Microsoft has also been successful in the realm of mobile phones. T-Mobile has recognized this dominance and has decided to stick it out with Microsoft in their newest MDA phone.
On its own the Compact V already has a lot of impressive features. The list includes a 5-Megapixel camera, a 3.2-inch screen, and a handy sushi bar that allows users to add customized widgets on the home screen. Nonetheless, some experts are predicting that the T-Mobile Compact V’s success will be brought about mainly by its tie-up with Windows Mobile.
Win Mo 6.1
Having Windows Mobile on your Smartphone means that you’d be able to take advantage of the latest version of Internet Explorer Mobile. You can now view your favourite websites full-screen and the combined technologies of Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash guarantee an excellent browsing experience.
Aside from having improved security features to ensure the protection of your information, Win Mo 6.1 also serves as an excellent business tool. It supports all Microsoft Office files and makes sure that the most crucial info is readily available to users.   

Win Mo 6.5

T-Mobile also guarantees that once the latest version of Microsoft’s OS is released, users will be able to download it on their Compact Vs free of charge. Set to be launched in September of this year, Win Mo 6.5 allegedly has all the makings of becoming the premier mobile operating system. According to sources this new version will not only come with a new and improved user interface, but it will also enhance most of the features that has made Windows Mobile so popular.

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