T-Mobile G2 Touch

tmobile g2Just in case anybody’s wondering what it is, let’s be clear that the G2 Touch is the T-Mobile name for the HTC Hero in the UK.  So for all practical intents and purposes, the two names refer to the same mobile phone and are now available online and in mobile phone stores throughout the isle.

Winning features

This is HTC’s third and latest Android handset to hit the smartphone market.  It’s a rather handsome piece of work from the Taiwanese mobile phone maker, sporting a signature chin on the body’s bottom to make it stand out among the many touchscreen smartphones out there.  It comes in two colors, each going to separate carriers in the UK.  Orange has it exclusively in the graphite color, whereas T-Mobile has it in white/Silver that they’ve branded as G2 Touch.

As a smartphone, the T-Mobile G2 Touch offers flagship features we’ve come to take for granted on a high-end mobile phone.  Its 3.2” QVGA capacitive touch screen is quite capable at 65k color depth.  It’s got a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, a capable multimedia player with video recording, 3G and high speed data connectivity support for HSDPA/HSUPA, a built-in GPS receiver and a generous 512 MB internal memory you can expanding to a whopping 32GB using microSD memory cards.

Making Great “Sense”

We could go on with many of its features that are basically standard for many high-end mobile phones. But what really sets the G2 Touch apart from all the rest is its HTC-tweaked UI and its Sense feature.  This essentially pushes the envelope in customizing and personalizing your mobile phone.  Now whether it’s a winning feature or not, the UK market can decide as it will have its taste on this exciting new smartphone from HTC.  They will have a choice between Orange and T-Mobile for that.

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