New Android phone from T-Mobile

t-pulseT-Mobile has just announced a third Android phone which they plan to release in the UK shortly. The new Android phone has been developed by Huawei rather HTC who produced T-Mobile’s previous Android phones. The new phone, the T-Mobile Pulse, is also particularly noteworthy for being the first Android phone which will be available on Pay As You Go in the UK.

Huawei had been showing off the Pulse at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year and rumours had been floating around that the Chinese company was planning to team up with T-Mobile. The Pulse is essentially Huawei’s 8220 with added Wi-Fi functionality.

The Pulse will also feature the largest screen to feature on an Android phone so far, with a spacious 3.5” TFT touch sensitive screen. This will come with a nice resolution of 320 x 480 and over 16 million colours which should provide a very nice display. The interface on the Android platform developed by Huawei has taken cues from HTC and includes six homescreens which can be switched between with ease. Also on board is a 3.2 megapixel camera which will have autofocus but unfortunately no flash.

The Pulse will operate on 3g and as already mentioned will come with Wi-Fi and will also feature Bluetooth. On board memory is reportedly only 256MB but will be upgradable with microSD and 2GB is included with the standard package. Internet access will be available on the Pulse for £5 a month or if you just want it for one day it can be had for £1. It will also be the first Android phone with both Media Center and MyCommunity. Media Center will allow you to download personal media content and MyCommunity will allow you to keep track of your contacts.

The Pulse should be of interest for being the first Pay As You Go Android phone, and although some of the features like the camera may seem a bit basic it should do well as it will be available exclusively on T-Mobile for £180.


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