Business at Your Fingertips: The T-Mobile MDA Compact V

Before anything else, let’s get on thing straight. It is true that the T-Mobile Compact V is actually the HTC Touch Diamond2 only with a T-Mobile twist. Although some may see this fact as a drawback for the Compact V, it actually works to its advantage. In the Compact V, T-Mobile has captured all the factors that has made the Touch Diamond2 such a successful business Smartphone and improved it by adding even more features and tweaking its design. The result: a powerful Smartphone that allows users to take their work with them wherever they go.
The WinMo Advantage
tmobile-mda-compact-vThe Compact V lives up to the image of its predecessors in that it still remains to be a highly functional business Smartphone. Testament to this fact is the operating system running on the Compact V. Windows Mobile 6.1 is the most advanced mobile OS of Microsoft today and this is what’s running the Compact V’s engine. In fact, to guarantee that its users will continue to enjoy the best software technology available T-Mobile has promised a free seamless upgrade of the OS to Windows Mobile 6.5 once it is released by Microsoft in September. This is to make sure that office applications on the Compact V run at the fastest rate possible with the least occurrences of glitches.  

You’ll Never Walk Alone
Similar to the T-Mobile MDA Compact IV, the Compact V also comes equipped with an advanced GPS feature that will guarantee that you wouldn’t have any problems getting from one appointment to the next. There’s no need to worry that you’d get lost or you can even try an alternate route if you’re running late.
T-Mobile’s tie-up with CoPilot has worked wonders for their Smartphones as they all sport the company’s amazing Sat Nav system. In an exclusive T-Mobile deal, Compact V users will be able to try the tracking system for free and have an option to buy it after 7 days.

Look out for the Compact V as it is expected to hit stores sometime this May and provided that you have a higher monthly tariff, you should be getting this one absolutely free.


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