Watch out for the Sony Ericsson Kiki

SE KikiSony Ericsson has the mobile gadget world excited with another killer mobile phone code named Kiki.  An official press release to launch the product is still forthcoming, but from the pictures leaking on the internet, it looks like the innovative mobile phone giant has created another landmark in mobile phone design with some cool features to make it a real crowd pleaser and a stand-out.

We can only speculate on the specs of the Kiki but if it’s anywhere near the cutting edge features of recently released handsets from Sony Ericsson, the Kiki is another success story in the works.

A Head Turner

Right off the bat, the Sony Ericsson Kiki has the looks of conventional mobile phones with a rather smallish screen.  But looking a little more closely, you get to see some remarkable differences.  For one, it sports a transparent screen where images are said to be projected on a clear glass panel you can see from the front and rear.  We don’t know how good it will be when you can see through the screen.  For sure the back view would show the text and images in reverse. But it’s still something novel we can look forward to in a mobile phone design.

Not a Touchscreen but where’s the keypad?

No, it doesn’t sport a touchscreen.  But it has no raised keypad either.  It’s not even hidden in a slider pad.   Another design departure from the norm is that Kiki’s alphanumeric keys won’t be visible until you turn the phone on.  Then the keys appear where they should.  The keypad area apparently has translucent qualities where some LEDs light up the characters when turned on.  Love the design concept.

It is rumored that the Sony Ericsson Kiki could be the company’s next Smartphone on the Symbian OS after the Satio. We hope to get confirmation on that during the last quarter of the year.  We look forward to getting our hands on one before Christmas this year.

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