Sony Ericsson Yari: Ultimate Handset For Mobile Entertainment

Sony-Ericsson-YariThe Sony Ericsson Yari may not look like an innovative slider, in the first glance but soon you will see that Yari is a small mobile device which astonishes you.  Sony Ericsson Yari has been developed with complete focus on gaming which is reinforced by games and accelerometer which use camera motion detection features. It is the latest gaming fun mobile phone from Sony Ericsson.
Yari is shipped pre-loaded with fitness and tennis software, baseball and boxing games can be downloaded free of cost from PlayNow Arena. Sony Ericsson has promise many other games on the new handset. Sony Ericsson Yari comes with a pretty good camera with 5 megapixels and auto focus. The main feature of the handset remains gesture gaming and it not just about gesture recognition based on accelerometer. GestureTek has developed an optical tracker technology which Sony Ericsson has integrated in the Yari camera which will identify your actions and interpret them into the moves of the games. It also comes with wireless multiplayer.
This technology is already available on DoCoMo mobile phones in Japan and now it is finding its way on mobile phones around the world. Wi-Fi support is not seen in some of the test runs of Yari units. Sony Ericsson is not even advertising this feature so maybe the mobile phones which are sold will not be Wi-Fi capable.
Sony Ericsson Yari is an amazing device to have mobile fun, with its gaming capabilities as well as multimedia action. You don’t have to hold or turn anything except body and the DoCoMo gaming technology will offer you an exceptional gaming experience wherever you are. You have an option of all kinds of games from fitness to boxing to tennis depending on your choice. Sony Ericsson Yari has all features for gaming aficionados.

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