Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 is officially announced

XPERIA2_03A few months ago Sony Ericsson announced that their XPERIA was to be the first of a whole series and that many more phones were to be released under the brand name. While some quite detailed information has been about for some time regarding the XPERIA X3, AKA the Rachael, details of the XPERIA X2 have been relatively scant. Even the ‘leaked’ photos of the X2 that have been floating about the internet have been somewhat dubious, with many of them being little more than ‘artistic representations’.

Now Sony Ericsson has officially announced some more detailed specifications and also released some genuine pictures of the phone. The XPERIA X2 is the WinMo handset in the XPERIA range, with the X3 running instead on Android. With a release date set for some time in Q4 it is likely that the X2 will be released with Windows Mobile 6.5 which will be released at the beginning of October.

With little information to go on many had been speculating what the X2 would feature. Talk of the phone having a 3.5” OLED screen turn out to be false as it can now be revealed that it will have a 3.2” WVGA TFT screen instead. The XPERIA X2 will also come with 256MB RAM, 512MB ROM and 110MB internal storage, although there is not information just yet about the processor. The rather low sounding internal storage can be expanded with microSD and a 4GB card will apparently come in the standard package.

The XPERIA X2 looks like it will have some good entertainment value as well, with an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash, a media player with great compatibility, as well as additional features that are often omitted on other wise feature rich phones such as 3.5mm audio jack for headphones, a TV-out port and stereo speakers. The camera will also serve to record VGA video at 30fps which is always a bonus.

XPERIA2_01The official press release comes just days after the announcement that Windows Mobile 6.5, which will feature on the XPERIA X2, is to be released on 6th October. While the new WinMo has made some noteworthy improvements many are chagrining that it still falls far short of the competition and has been met with little more than sighs and yawns. It would be a shame if the reaction that the new WinMo has received were to spill over to the XPERIA X2 as it looks like one of the most interesting phones up for release in the foreseeable future.


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