Sony Ericsson T707 Elle: Visual Appeal & More

SE-T707-ThreeThe Sony Ericsson T707 Elle is a relatively new model in the Sony Ericsson T-series but unlike its predecessors, SE seems to have paid more attention to the aesthetic quality of the mobile phone. The result?
The Sony Ericsson T707 Elle is more visually appealing and would be released in a variety of colours that would appeal to both males and females. Unlike other phones like the Hyundai MB10 watch phone, which seems to be more of an accessory than a gadget, the SE Elle is more inclined to be a prettier gadget than all the rest combined.
Display features of the Elle
Elle is roughly “she” in French, but the Sony Ericsson T707 Elle is not entirely a woman’s phone. Some of the key features like geotagging of photos, multi-tasking capabilities for applications and the Gesture Lock technology are more of a man’s choice of functions. While the name might give some male buyers doubts, the phone is not a woman’s phone when it’s stripped down and examined.
The Elle has been equipped with a 2.2 inch screen, capable of displaying 256 thousand colours (TFT). Operating at QVGA resolution, the phone can show 240 pixels x 320 pixels. A monochrome display (external) can show 36 pixels x 128 pixels. Don’t fret if you drop the phone; both displays are scratch-resistant.
Storage & data transfer
T707The Sony Ericssson T707 Elle has been installed with Bluetooth version 2.0 with A2DP and extra memory capabilities through an M2 slot. The phone can support up to 16 gigabytes of extra memory at any time. Hot Swap™ technology has also been included, so you can seesaw between two memory banks whenever you’re using your Elle.
Communication features

This Sony Ericsson phone operates with Quadband GSM and can access the Internet through 3G connections and HSDPA uplink. Download and upload rates have been clocked at 7.2 mbps. However, the Elle is not a smartphone.

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