Sony Ericsson T707 Elle: Elegant T Range

Sony Ericsson T707 Elle is an elegantly designed 3G phone designed to attract mobile phone users of all age groups. This is the latest addition to the company’s T range which includes other mobile handsets like the Sony T700. This sleek mid-end device is compatible with both GSM quad band network and a 3G network.

sony-ericsson-t707-openThe slew of Sony Ericsson T707 Elle reviews will make you happy about your choice of this handset. While designing this handset, the company has made sure that it is easy to carry and fashionable to the user. It measures 93 mm tall by 50 mm wide and 14.1 mm deep when it is in a flip closed position. As the phone comes with dual screens, it enables the user to track information when the phone is either in flip open or flip closed position.

sony-ericsson-t707The rectangular internal screen measuring 2.2 inches displays over 26,200 colours on a well-lit display. The pulsating light effect which lights up the mobile phone when a call is received is one of the highlights of this new handset. Users have the option to set different light effects for different contacts. By this, the users know who is trying to call them even without looking at the displayed name.

To give a high-speed internet experience to the users, the handset has been designed to offer extensive 3G coverage. Sony Ericsson T707 Elle contracts phone has 3G video calling capacities which help the user make colourful video calls on their handsets. The handset also supports a Google Maps function that makes internet access an enjoyable and yet informative experience. Although the phone is equipped with one hundred megabytes of internal memory, a Micro M2 memory card can be inserted to increase the capacity to sixteen gigabytes to enjoy a vast storage capacity.

Similar, to the Motorola RAZR2 V8 model, the Sony Ericsson T707 is compatible with two connectivity options. These are Bluetooth wireless technology and USB connectivity. The handset also has a unique music player that turns it into a radio for listening pleasure.

The company is yet to announce the release date and price of this handset. It is however expected to hit the markets by the mid of 2009. Once released, there will be available many Sony Ericsson T707 Elle deals.


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