Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot: Trusty & Compact Snapper from SE

Sony-Ericsson-S312-Snapshot-RedFinding a budget snapper can be a chore, especially if you dislike older snappers from other brands like Nokia. It’s a good thing that Sony Ericsson was able to release the Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot in December of 2008.
While the Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot does not have the same finesse as the Cybershot phones like the SE k750i sand SE k800 Cybershot, it’s still a good buy because they’ve included a CMOS sensor that’s at least as good as the k750i’s own CMOS sensor.
S312-SnapshotThe Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot does have net access. The Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot operates in the following Quadband GSM frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900 megahertz. You can connect to the Internet via GPRS/EDGE connectivity. No GPS/A-GPS either. Look elsewhere if you want geo-tagging and social location features.
Dimensions & display
The Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot measures a slim 101 mm x 46 mm x 12 mm and weighs a very light 72 grams. The display is plain LCD with TFT, capable of displaying 256,000 colours (QVGA resolution).
The display is 2.0 inches in its entirety and can show a 176 pixels x 220 pixels. This kind of display is fit only for animated wallpapers, colours wallpapers, operator logos, and other low-end entertainment for phones like the Snapshot.
Storage & camera
The Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot has a 2.0 megapixel camera and is capable of taking still shots as well as videos. Photos and videos can be taken in high resolution at 1600 pixels x 1200 pixels. The camera has also been equipped by Sony Ericsson with a powerful LED flash (we’re guessing that’s two LED flashes bound into one flash mechanism).

Internal memory for the Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot is only 20 megabytes, so make sure you buy extra storage. The Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot has a card slot for easy memory expansion. The phone can support up to 4 gigabytes of extra memory at any one time.


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