Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot: Photo-Snapping for Mobile Lifestyles

Sony-Ericsson-S312-Snapshot-RedWith the recession in tow, people are turning more and more to budget mobile phones equipped with some of the features they love.
Sony Ericsson might not have the Holy Grail when it comes to cameras, but their Cybershot series has been a success and they’re giving the people a chance to experience the same quality optics in lower-priced versions of the mobile phones.
The S312 Snapshot: low-end but snazzy optics
We have to be honest here; the Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot is indeed a low-end phone. If you were looking for a touchscreen UI, WLAN access and UMA functionality, look elsewhere.
S312-SnapshotThe Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot is comparable to the Nokia 5030 Xpress Radio: not many features, but still lovable. Anyway, like low-budget Casio digital cameras, you pick just 1 best feature and with the Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot, you get a good camera.
The cam’s not bad either; you get a 2.0 megapixel CMOS sensor and a bright LED flash. In addition, with our experience with SE flashes, you’re sure to take brilliant still photos even in pitch-dark lighting conditions.
Since the Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot is a low-end phone, the device can only handle a low amount of extra storage. But it’s still a good choice, because earlier snappers from Sony Ericsson didn’t even have extra storage options. You were stuck with 12 megabytes of memory and a clumsy USB 1.0 wire for PC transfers. Moreover, the photos were grainy.
S312We’re seeing some phantoms of some bad choices SE made with their past handsets (the Sony Ericsson k750i only has a few megabytes in its internal storage, as well, as 64 megabytes in its free Memory Stick Duo) manifesting with this device. For one, the onboard storage is only 20 megabytes.

We know you’re unhappy, so better buy a Memory Stick Micro (M2) to expand your phone’s memory capacity. For the good news: standard talk time for the Sony Ericsson S312 is 7 hours, more than what the Hyundai MB 910 can handle (3 hours).

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