Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot: Budget Snappers are Hot

S312When it comes to low-priced snappers, only two brands stand out immensely: Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson is the classier choice, given that Nokia is more known for budget mobile phones, period.
Anyway, Sony Ericsson seems to have mastered the art of installing quality CMOS sensors in low-budget phones. A case in point would of course be our feature mobile phone for today, the Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot phone.
What’s hot with the SE Snapper
Dubbed the Snapper, the SE S312 shares the same camera quality as its older but more feature-packed cousins, the SE k700 and SE k750i. From the J-series of phones from SE, the Snapper appears to be the perfect amalgam of snazzy optics in a generally low budget phone. No WLAN capabilities but they do have USB installed, and that’s already a plus. You have good old USB 1.0 for file synchronizing with your PC.
Sony-Ericsson-S312-SnapshotsAnother good thing about the Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot is that it combines bare-bones features to create a good combination of “can do” features. This is how it works: SE takes the most common file formats usable for low-end phones and lumps them together. See their sound format support: polyphonic ringing tones, MP3 and AAC ringing tones. You can also make use of a signature composer (note & instrument based) for your ringtones.
Call features
Of course, they’ve included a loudspeaker. Though some user reviews state that the Sony Ericsson S312 Snapshot’s loudspeaker is a bit rough in handling music, we’re guessing you just have to adjust the volume a bit. 
The Sony Ericsson phonebook can also handle independent 1000 phonebook entries, with Photo Calling feature enabled as well. Call records can store up to 30 different numbers (dialled, missed & received).

The phone operates with Quadband GSM at frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 megahertz, with GPRS/EDGE access for the Web. Browsing is handled by WAP 2.0.

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