Sony Ericsson Reveals Secret Music Innovation

106460_sony-ericsson-mh907Last week we brought you news that Japanese/Swedish mobile phone company Sony Ericsson had claimed it was going to change the way the world listened to music; the hype grew even more as it warned consumers to be on their website during the launch so as to not miss out on a changing day in mobile and music history.

There was a whole lot of speculation floating around that this new product would be a previously unseen mobile phone handset released into the company’s “Walkman” line of models – this is not the case.

The new product? Headphones.

These headphones, named the MH907 Headphones, might disappoint some people who were crossing their fingers for a new mobile phone – however don’t rule out buying a pair of these just yet, they do have some pretty incredible features, and therefore have earned the right to brag.

The most incredible innovation, and the first thing you will notice here, is the fact that these headphones are in fact motion activated – something the world had never seen up until now. Users will be able to turn the device on simply by putting the ear buds on, and turn it off again by removing one or both of them. According to Sony Ericsson, users will also be able to answer and end phone calls using this same process, as well as noting that the sound quality is second to none in terms of clarity.

The headphones are designed to let a user turn their music on and off without ever having to take their mobile phone out of their pocket, and are designed to work with the majority of the company’s current available handset models. Check out the advert below:


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