Sony Ericsson Rachael Specifications Revealed

xperia3New information has come to light regarding the specifications of Sony Ericsson’s mysterious Rachael, now known as the XPERIA 3. The development of the phone has been known for some time but Sony Ericsson has been keeping tight-lipped about what we should expect from the shiny 4” touch screen device. Now information has been leaked by Expansays UK providing more details about this highly anticipated phone.

There had been some confusion over whether the Rachael was to be the XPERIA 3 or the XPERIA 5, but this has now been cleared up thanks to Expansays UK. It is now known that the XPERIA 3 will depart from earlier XPERIA phones that used Windows Mobile and will instead be an Android phone. As already mentioned, the XPERIA 3 is a touch screen with minimal physical keys for basic call functions, and features an impressive 4” screen with a very detailed 852 x 480 resolution display.

The camera will be 8 megapixels and will come with autofocus, smile shutter, face detection, image stabilisation and an 8x zoom. There is WiFi and Bluetooth support as well as 10Mbps HSDPA.

Although there is still no definite confirmation of a release date just yet, the XPERIA 3 is already available for pre-order from selected retailers.

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