Sony Ericsson Naite GreenHeart: The Eco Mobile Phone

Sony-Ericsson-NaiteSony Ericsson Naite GreenHeart has been partly designed with recycled plastics. This mobile phone from Sony Ericsson is shipped with an electronic manual in the mobile phone as compared to the regular paper phone manuals. This has helped the manufacturers to save around 90 percent use of paper thus decreasing the environmental effect while moving the product. The cover of the Sony Ericsson Naite handset has been manufactured with plastic out of which about 50 percent has been recycled. The phone promises to save energy as it has a display light which has been optimized to use less power. The Naite will be available in Ginger Red and Vapour Silver colors and will hit the markets in Q3 Of 2009. Naite is a quad-band GSM world mobile phone.
The features on the handset are of middle range, but when compared to Renew W233 recycled mobile phone from Motorola they are much more. This handset from Sony Ericsson comes with a two megapixel camera as well as a music player, camcorder, speakerphone and a wireless net browser. It also has other features like POP3 e-mail and messaging, FM radio, instant messaging, Google Maps, stereo Bluetooth, PC syncing, personal organizer and USB Mass storage.
This latest eco-friendly handset has been built on Sony Ericsson’s old commitment to go green and to eradicate the use of dangerous elements in to process of product designing as well as manufacturing. Naite handset has been integrated with an Ecomate application which aids the users make eco friendly choices in their day to day life. It also has a Carbon Footprint Calculator which tells you, the amount of CO2 you will save when you walk down instead of using a vehicle. The GreenHeart brand elucidates recycled plastic, decreased packaging, waterborne colors and an electronic inbuilt manual in place of a paper brochure.

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