Sony Ericsson Aino: You Would Want To have It

SE-AinoIt is very difficult to categorize Aino the new mobile phone from Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson Aino comes with a camera of 8 megapixels which has features like face detection and autofocus. There is a 3 inch screen with 16 million colors display. It may look like a superior camera phone initially. Sony Ericsson Aino has a very simple exterior and it has a rather traditional lookout with an inconspicuous touch-only appearance when it is closed. Sony Ericsson has offered a number of features in one device.
Sony-Ericsson-AinoThe form factor of Aino is a touch screen slider phone which is smart looking but looks like any other touch screen phone in the market. The features also include Wi-Fi, GPS, video recording HSDPA, and Google Maps. You can connect the Sony Ericsson Aino to the PS3 with help from the Remote Play feature from Sony. It will allow you to interact, control, as well as directly stream any content which is stocked up on the PS3 to an outside gadget. The Remote Play was created initially for the PSP, but it is also being used on the Aino.
Aino will automatically connect to the PC over Wi-Fi when you are charging it. It also has the capability to automatically coordinate with all the content which is stored on the phone through the MediaGo software which is installed on the PC. When it has been synchronized, it is possible to access this online from anywhere on the globe. The content remains stored on the PC, but you have the option to stream, control, listen and view it on your Sony Ericsson Aino.
The media gallery and MP3 player of this mobile phone have been revamped compared to the earlier Sony Ericsson mobile phones, and they have a dramatic look. It is true that this handset from Sony Ericsson does not have too many applications but it has several software connecting it to Face book, YouTube and Google, and is expected to integrate the Twitter application also.

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