Sony Ericsson Aino: The Multimedia Computer

Sony-Ericsson-Aino-White is a very engaging slider phone. It has almost the same features as the other Sony Ericsson mobile phones, but it does all the things better. It comes with some superb multimedia features like touch menu inspired by PS3, big 3 inch touch screen, VGA video recording at 30fps. It is the first touch screen feature phone from Sony Ericsson and its main points are support of PlayTV service and remote play with Play station 3l. It also comes with a camera with 8 megapixels. Some of the other features of Sony Ericsson Aino are A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Stereo Bluetooth and 3G support.
There are some very nice features in this phone like you can focus the object just by pointing it on the touch screen. Sony Ericsson Aino has some usual iPhone features like being able to interact with the phone’s total menu by pushing, dragging, pulling, and waving the touch screen. The interface of this mobile phone from Sony Ericsson has been implemented very well. Aino has not been designed as a smart phone, and does not compete with Palm Pre or the iPhone, but the multimedia section and the camera keys on the screen responds to touch.
The main design of the Aino is based on multimedia, and can easily connect to the PC or the PS3 and has the ability to stream material from these gadgets anywhere. You can also play videos, music, or live TV from the internet from anywhere on the globe to the Aino if you have web connection. In fact the Sony Ericsson Aino is a small SlingPlayer, which comes with a good camera. It has GPS, MP3 player, as well as all everything else you would want from a superior mobile phone. It is a very efficient phone. The innovative Sony Ericsson Aino can be said to be a proper multimedia computer.

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