Why Get a Samsung Omnia Pro B7330

Samsung Omnia Pro B7330If you are looking for a reliable smart phone that has features well made for people who go to the office, then perhaps Samsung Omnia Pro B7330 is a good consideration. This mobile device was made solely for the purpose of doing some serious writing tasks thanks to the Windows Mobile software and full QWERTY keyboard on the face of the phone. The buttons respond fast and the processor is able to keep up with fast typing skills. Naturally, you can use this device with either one or both your hands.

No Touch Screen

Of course, doing away with the touch screen is not always a good thing. For one, it makes navigation a lot harder, even if you have an operating system that can work without the need for a touch screen. This has also made certain programs and applications less accessible for a lot of people. The screen is a little small, at its size, you can still view messages, websites and even watch videos and keep a good time, but it just barely gets the job done.

Bad GPS Alternative

Another feature of this mobile device is the fact that it has a GPS function. You can make full use of this function is you just want to see a map of an area and plan a route ahead of time. But if you intend to use this device while you are driving, then forget it. The screen is too small to be of any help and this device is more likely to get you in more trouble.

Is it Worth It?

If you are looking for a no-nonsense mobile that is going to make things a little easier for you, then hopefully this is it. This Samsung device can do desktop editing and other important messaging functions; if these functions are not enough, then you definitely need another device.

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