What the Samsung i7500 Has to Offer

i7500The i7500 was released in Seoul, Korea by Samsung. In the effort to create solutions for modern problems posed by an ever-expanding world and ever-changing telecommunications field, Samsung has made use of Google’s operating system – Android and made one of their handsets dependent on the OS. This is a strategic alliance between Samsung and Google, as Samsung has made it a point to make their handsets supportive of all existing operating systems for mobile phones and smart phones.
What it has to offer
The Samsung i7500 can offer comprehensive geographical services through the Google Maps™ service, Google’s own investment into the GPS-powered age. According to the VP of Head of Mobile Communications, JK Shin: “Samsung is among the earliest members of the OHA.”

Apart from the different Google services that you can access with your Samsung i7500, you can also access your social networking and favorite multimedia entertainment website through the high-speed HSDPA connectivity, with downloading rates at an average of 7.2 mb/s.
If you’re a traveler and you’re relatively new to a place, you can use extended tagging and identification options of Google Maps™ to identify unmarked locations as you travel. This can be done through Wikitude, an application that can be used with the handset. The Samsung i7500 is not only a mobile phone; it’s your locator and a potential lifesaver rolled into one efficient Samsung handset.
More multimedia entertainment
How does the Samsung i7500 handset compare to other displays? The Samsung i7500 has an AMOLED display like Samsung Lucido and the Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra Edition. An AMOLED display can handle more colours and can feature more vivid images and videos, whether you’re capturing your own videos or streaming something from Google’s YouTube™.

The Samsung i7500 also boasts of a full touch multimedia experience, bolstered by the AMOLED display that can display up to 320 pixels x 480 pixels. This mobile phone is coming in June 2009 from Samsung.


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