The Sights and Sounds of the Upcoming Samsung Jet S8000

Multi-faceted Multimedia
Samsung-JetAfter much anticipation, Samsung has finally released their newest addition to the mid-priced mobile market. This actually came as a surprise as the Samsung Jet S8000 (average retail price: £135) sports features that make it worthy to be in the category of Smartphones. Aside from a powerful TouchWiz UI and a stylish design (an improved Apple iPhone 3GS?), a lot of praises has been thrown at the Jet S8000’s multimedia capabilities. Here’s a quick review of what kind of muscle this device has under its hood.    

That’s How You Let the Beat Build
Samsung-Jet-S8000The first thing to know about the Jet S8000 is that it comes with a 3.5 mm ear jack which means all standard earphones will work with this device. Together with a microSD card slot that can accommodate up to 16GB of external memory, these are perfect accompaniments for this mobile’s awesome music player.
Aside from allowing track filtering by album, author, or genre, the Jet S8000’s music player also generates playlists automatically (most played, recently added etc.). You can of course choose to create your own playlist if you’d like.
Much like the Samsung Tocco Lite, you can also make use of the touch-optimized rewinding and fast forwarding features on the Jet S8000.
Exploring the Gallery

To begin with, the Jet S8000 doesn’t only have one—but two picture galleries. Both are easy-to-use and are also optimized for touch. The first of the two galleries is an element of the file manager and allows sorting of photos by name, size, and date. A quicker way to access your images is by clicking or tapping on the Photo browser’s dedicated icon located on the main screen. This also happens to be the second type of picture gallery on the Jet S8000. The built-in accelerometer sensor in the device facilitates the auto-rotate function so that you can easily view your pictures in landscape mode by simply tilting the Jet S8000.


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