The Samsung S9110: Time For a Change

samsung-s9110-watchphone_1Samsung has just confirmed rumours regarding the upcoming release of the world’s slimmest wristwatch mobile. It will come in the form of the Samsung S9110 which is a touch operated device that has a good array of features (for its class, at least). All you James Bond wannabes out there better save up because wristwatch mobiles are no longer a gimmick – they’ve arrived for real.

Watch Out

The new S9110 is Samsung’s direct response to the LG GD910 which is another functional wristwatch mobile. However, the S9110 is nearly 2 mm thinner than its LG counterpart. With a 1.76-inch touch screen (bigger than the GD910’s 1.43-inch display), the S9110 will have the dimensions of 49 x 39 x 13.8 mm. The device itself will have a stainless steel finish with a scratch-resistant glass cover to protect it. Its black leather strap makes the device all the more stylish.

Once it is released in the next few weeks, potential owners will need to dig deep into their pockets as this device will be priced at approximately £390.

The Downside

In terms of functionality, it seems like the GD910 is able to outperform the Samsung S9110. We say this because of two things. The first being the absence of a built-in camera, and the second is its lack of 3G support. The former reduces the S9110’s James Bond appeal as users wouldn’t be able to snap sneaky photos on the device while the latter means there will be no video call option on the mobile.

That just sucks because other than the ability to make a phone call from your watch, those missing features are probably the two coolest things about wristwatch mobiles. Also keep in mind that 3G support and a built-in camera (albeit only a CIF one) are both present on the LG GD910.


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