The Samsung Omnia Pro B7610: B is for Balance

Samsung-Omnia-ProDoes the “B” in Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 stand for balance? Because , certainly that is what Samsung’s newest device offers – the capability to effectively balance work and personal lives so you can make the most out of both worlds. Balance is a rather lacklustre word but often, the simplest is what works for us. 
Work and Life Modes
Samsung outfitted separate Work and Life Modes on the Omnia Pro so that you can efficiently define the line between work and play and to a lot of people, this can be extremely useful as trying to keep in step with life’s pace is challenging enough. Functionality on the Omnia Pro is quite impressive. Web browsing is fully supported with 3G connectivity, the Opera 9.5 browser, the Windows Mobile operating system and Samsung’s very own TouchWiz interface.
The interface on the Omnia Pro is smooth and responsive. A swipe on the radiant AMOLED touchscreen launches applications swiftly. The multimedia features are equally outstanding what with a high quality 5MP camera, media player and built-in FM radio. A GPS is also incorporated into the phone plus A-GPS support.
Leaving Rivals Behind
The Omnia Pro B7610 is seen as a competitor of the HTC Touch Pro 2 and when placed side by side, it looks like the latter’s features are much more appealing. The HTC’s TouchFLO is commendable but we still prefer the TouchWiz UI. HTC’s device leads when it comes to frequency support and the keyboard but overall I would say users are better off purchasing the Omnia Pro.
The Nokia E72 is more Blackberry-ish in appearance but it may also face competition from the Omnia Pro because both showcase messaging features as one of the main draws.
Pricing and Availability

If you would like to get your hands on the Omnia Pro B7610, you haven’t long to wait as it is set to be available for purchase by the fourth quarter of the year. Prices may go from £500 to £600


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