The Samsung Omnia Pro B7610: A Fusion of Pleasure and Practicality

Samsung-B7610-Omnia-ProThe Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 has profitability written all over it simply because it effectively merges engaging features with ingenious functionality. I dare say this newest device from Samsung affords users the ability to be more proficient in their professional lives while giving them a treat by enabling them to take on pleasurable pursuits.
Be More Efficient at Work
The Omnia Pro’s Work Mode is designed to enhance productivity on the go. You have 3G and WiFi support for speedy Internet browsing, there is push e-mail available on the phone and you can maintain a number of corporate email accounts if the situation should warrant it. Samsung also included the Microsoft Office Suite so that users may look at and implement changes on their documents. All these functions are of course, sustained quite effectively by a powerful processor (800 MhZ, to be exact), a solid operating system (WinMo 6.1) and a graphic interface that screams ease of use.
Be More Relaxed
Samsung-Omnia-ProEntertainment is not to be neglected. This is after all, a Samsung device. The Omnia Pro B7610 comes with a 5 megapixel camera and to ensure the phone yields excellent quality photos, the company outfitted the snapper with autofocus, smile shot, panoramic function and a dual LED flash. If you are into videos, the camera has video recording capabilities, as well. The media player is compatible with numerous multimedia formats and should provide an adequate viewing and listening experience.
Other Elements
Additional features include a GPS, business card scanner, TV-out, photo and video editor. The Omnia Pro has a 1GB internal memory which is expandable to 32GB.

Samsung announced the Omnia Pro along with two other Omnia series devices, the dazzling Omnia 2 I8000 and the mid-range Omnia Lite B7300. Samsung fans can expect these devices to be available sometime during the third to fourth quarter of the year. The company hasn’t released pricing details but the Omnia Pro may have a price tag of about €600 to €700.

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