The Samsung Omnia 2 I8000: Multimedia-Rich Smartphone

Samsung-Omnia2Samsung recently unveiled four smartphones from their Omnia series, the Omnia 2 I8000, Omnia Lite B7300, Omnia Pro B7610 and the OmniaLITE. Amongst the four, the Samsung Omnia 2 I8000 is the most striking and from the features that we see, it looks as if the Korean mobile company has once again outdone itself.
All-in-One Phone
The Omnia 2 I8000 is being touted by Samsung as an all-in-one phone and it is indeed a feature-rich phone, not just in terms of productivity but also when it comes to multimedia.
3D Media Gate
The 3D Media Gate of the Omnia 2 provides you fast and easy access to five multimedia functions plus the main menu through a 3D cube. If you want to access the video player, music player, camera, photo album or the web browser, all you have to do is flip the cube around till you find what you’re looking for. When you launch the web browser, you will notice that all your favorite websites are displayed in a deck, allowing you to flip easily through your bookmarks – very convenient indeed.
Motion UI and Photo Views
The Omnia 2 makes it even easier for you to access multimedia features as it is incorporated with Motion UI, where access is provided by flipping, tilting or tapping on the mobile. The Omnia 2’s photo gallery is an excellent element of the device designed to provide a superb photo browsing experience. There are a number of views available: photo album, slideshow and 3D arc view. The 3D arc view is extremely functional, where your images are displayed in an arc and you can sweep your finger across the arc to access individual photographs.
Other terrific features include a 5MP camera which can also be utilised to record videos at 15fps and a built-in GPS preloaded with Google Maps. The Samsung Omnia 2 is set for release during the third quarter of the year and it will probably cost around €600.

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