The Professional and Pleasurable Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

Samsung-Omnia-Pro-B7610The Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 is one amongst the newest line-up of devices unveiled by the Korean company. This early, we can see the Omnia Pro landing on the hands of business and casual users alike what with the wealth of features that comes along with this device. 
The key here is that whilst it is possible to engage in both professional and pleasurable pursuits, it can for the most part be a chore to manage them successfully. The Omnia Pro addresses this issue so you can be efficient at work and sufficiently relaxed during play time. 
Business Features
3G connectivity heads the business feature set and the Omnia Pro provides up to 3.6Mbps of Internet speeds. As an alternative, users can also use WiFi. Bluetooth connectivity as well as a USB port is provided for on the Omnia Pro. Apart from these, push technology is incorporated so you can enjoy the convenience and productivity that push email provides. The Omnia Pro also enables users to maintain multiple corporate email accounts as well as view and make changes to PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. There are also voice memo and voice dial functions.
Multimedia Set
On the entertainment side, you have the 5MP camera which is also capable of recording superb quality videos. There is a media player compatible with a host of audio and video codecs. Samsung put in a feature that you might like — photo and video editing capabilities. Perfect for those moments when you haven’t necessarily taken the best shots or captured good clips. 

The Omnia Pro is expected to go head to head with HTC’s Touch Pro 2 and to a certain extent, the Nokia E72. With the HTC device, features will certainly figure in importantly in decision-making as the Omnia Pro gains many points over that phone. With the E72, however, price may be an issue as it will probably go for cheaper than the Omnia Pro.

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