The Omnia Follow-Up: Samsung Omnia 2 I8000

Samsung-Omnia-IIAfter a around a year after releasing the first of its kind in the form of the Samsung i900 Omnia, the Korean mobile manufacturer has decided to follow up this successful line with a bunch of new models. We’ve already seen the release of the Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO back in May, and now it’s the Omnia 2’s turn to wow the world.  

Super-Sized Screen
Samsung-Omnia2One of the first things you’ll notice about the Samsung Omnia 2 I8000 is that it has a bigger screen than its predecessor. The Omnia 2 sports a more sizable 3.7-inch touchscreen display compared to the i900’s 3.2-inch screen. However it still makes use of a resistive touchscreen, which can be attributed to the fact that capacitive screens have some known issues with Windows Mobile.
The Bigger Picture
Another upgrade on the Omnia 2 is the camera which can now shoot videos at an amazing rate of 720 x 480 pixels (@ 30fps). Photos produced should have the same quality as the pixel ratio remains at 5 Megapixels with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. There isn’t going to be much difference in terms of picture quality as Samsung has probably deemed this to be the optimal resolution for this particular device. 

Based on the available specs the Omnia 2 I8000 looks like it has the potential to live up to the high reputation built by its older brother. Not only does it bring with it a bucket load of style, but it also includes a lot of impressive features and functions that truly make it part of the Omnia family. The official launch price of the Omnia 2 is yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer but experts are saying that it should go out for around £480. This is definitely a hefty price tag but based on the impressive features of the Omnia 2, perhaps Samsung’s valuation has some merit to it.

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