The Fully-Packed Samsung Omnia Lite B7300

A Mid-Range Omnia!
Samsung-Omnia-LiteThe latest group of Samsung mobiles unveiled belong to the company’s Omnia series and whilst the Omnia group generally includes fabulously designed phones with rather hefty price tags, the consumer market will be pleased to know that this time, the Korean mobile company has decided to include a mid-level device in the group – the Samsung Omnia Lite B7300. So you get the style and impressive performance associated with the Omnia series but with a slightly friendlier price. There’s no word yet as to pricing but the Omnia Lite should retail for around €300 to €400. It will be released along with the Omnia 2 and Omnia Pro B7610.
Internet and Multimedia Power
Samsung-Omnia-Lite-B7300The Omnia Lite is a budget phone but Samsung did not skimp on its feature set. First of all, it is a 3G-equipped phone with additional connectivity support via WiFi. Users should be able to surf the Web with no problems. The Omnia Lite operates under the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform but the company says this can be upgraded to the 6.5 version once it is released. The improved TouchWiz UI is also present on this device to provide users with flawless navigation and performance. The WinMo OS has had its share of problems in the past but Samsung’s proprietary interface should more than make up for the platform’s shortcomings.
A nifty feature of the Omnia Lite is the multimedia cube which allows users the 3D experience of accessing entertainment features. The media player, camera and browser are easily launched through the flip of this cube. Widgets are another fun feature of this device, whereby mobile phone users can download online widgets and display these on the homescreen. 
Business Functionality

Apart from entertainment and Web functionality there are also practical features incorporated into the phone. Push e-mail for one, is enabled and the Omnia Lite is furnished with a document viewer and voice memo.

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