Samsung take on the LG GD910 watch phone

Samsung-GT-S100-Watch-PhoneMost mobile phone handsets come in predictable shapes that aren’t very exciting. Most people are familiar with the slim rectangle shape or even the shape of the first mobile phones, which was similar to the shape of the cordless telephone handset. These original models were bulky and difficult to use, so the slim rectangles and smaller mobile handsets were developed. Now, some companies are working to develop mobile phone handsets that are in the shape of a watch. These will be much more portable and easier to use on the go. LG Electronics was the first company to release a watch-shaped handset that was commercially available to the public. Samsung is also working on a watch-shaped handset, known as the GT S100 watch phone. Samsung has been working on this handset for almost 10 years, but still has not released this model to the public.
Most mobile phone deals come with a lot of details about the mobile phone model, available networks, and price. However, the Samsung GT S1100 watch phone on O2 was kept under sealed glass at a recent industry event, which means that there is no Samsung GT S1100 watch phone review available. This makes it difficult to understand what Samsung is planning for its new line of mobile phones. This mobile phone will be available under contract and may also be offered as a pay as you go phone. Samsung GT S1100 watch phone contracts may give you more flexibility when it comes to making calls and sending text messages. Purchasing a contract may also help you to get this model for a less expensive price.
Some of the features that Samsung has advertised for this model include a Bluetooth wireless headset, touch screen, and speaker phone, which also appear in the LG Electronics watch phone handset model. Because cell phone technology changes so rapidly, industry insiders hope that Samsung releases this watch phone model before it becomes obsolete.


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