Samsung Set to Release 12-Megapixel Camera Mobile in the Samsung M8920

Samsung-M8920Samsung recently confirmed their intention to follow the M8910 Pixon12 with another device with a 12-Megapixel camera in the form of the new Samsung M8920. The release of the M8920 will see Samsung overtake Sony Ericsson in the mobile camera category by having 2 ultra powerful camera phones compared to their competitor’s solitary model (Sony Ericsson Satio).
The Pixon 12 is set for release in June while the Satio expects to hit stands by the Q3 of this year—the same time as the M8920. This means there is no certainty yet on how the market will react to such a powerful camera phone. This is a risk for Samsung who have surely begged at the question, is the public ready for a 12-Megapixel mobile? 
Power in the Snapper
The 12-Megapixel camera on the M8920 is definitely a pioneer feature that we have not seen in any mobile phone in the past. In fact, a lot of commercial digital cameras in the market today settle for 10 or 8 megapixels—much lower than the M8920’s camera in terms of pixel ratio. Moreover, the powerful snapper will also sport a 3x digital zoom which should produce photos of the highest quality even from a considerable distance. 
More to It
Although the M8920’s powerful camera is definitely this mobile’s main attraction, there’s actually more to it than just a top of the line camera phone.
For starters it has been confirmed that the M8920 will have the ability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and it is also set to sport a GPS receiver with A-GPS support—two features also present in the Pixon12. If the M8920 follows in the footsteps of its predecessors in terms of design, it will also likely have an AMOLED touchscreen display. There is however, no way to be sure as the only available photo of the M890 shows only half of its backside.

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