Samsung S5600: Revamped TouchWiz UI & More

samsung-s5600It’s not true that once you’ve seen a Samsung touchscreen phone, you’ve seen them all. It’s fortunate that Samsung is revamping the features of many of their phones whenever they would release something new. Unlike Nokia, who seems to have a penchant for releasing almost identical phones (moving around pieces of the puzzle, eh?).
Main features
The Samsung Preston S5600 uses a touch candy-bar form factor with no keys. Everything is dependent on the touchscreen, which measure 2.8 inches (QVGA). Nevertheless, Samsung has recently improved their TouchWiz user interface, making the menu systems as accessible as ever.
The “desktop” of the Samsung S5600 is very clean, with a row of main options on the bottom. All your important widgets from the calendar to the video player can be placed on the “desktop” as well. Customize your “desktop” and you have a very sleek business/recreational mobile phone, indeed.
On-board storage is only 80 megabytes, so make sure you buy a memory stick since the handset comes with a MicroSD slot. The S5600 can support up to 16 gigabytes memory, a tad lower than the Omnia HD, which can handle up to 32 gigabytes of added memory.
Rest assured that a close cousin, the S5230 has the same memory capacity. They didn’t install a Hot Swap™ capability, so you have to choose which memory you want to use.
Media handling
Samsung S5600 has a dedicated music player, though there hasn’t been much software improvement. It appears that Samsung is saving some R&D time by using a generic player for all their new units. As for the picture viewer, there are 2 ways to access your files. One is through the main picture browser (found on the “desktop”) and one through a swipe-friendly slideshow. Both are easily accessed from the signature “desktop” area from Samsung.

Yes, the Samsung S5600 does have GPS capability. After a few presses, the phone begins to search for active GPS satellites. After which, you can just choose to download valid data and look over the information that you need. Neat!

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