Samsung S5600: An Affordable Touchscreen


Samsung S5600 is one of the latest touchscreen realistically priced phones which compares with the well liked phones like LG KP500 Cookie. The S5600 will be a complete touchscreen receiver which will work on the TouchWiz UI.  The phone is expected to have a 3G support, which its main competitor the LG KP500 Cookie lacks.
S5600 is a candy bar phone and has a 2.8 inch touch screen, a 3 megapixel camera, TouchWiz interface, and the novel Gesture Lock feature. The Samsung S5600 has been designed to attract fashion conscious users with its slim and compact structure. Samsung S5600 reminds you of the HTC Touch with its design as well as display but in fact is not Smartphone. It works on a typical Samsung TouchWiz user interface. It is not a very high end gadget but has some very good features and you can also get great Samsung S5600 deals.
Samsung-S5230-and-Samsung-S5600According to the Samsung S5600 reviews the phone is not expected to create any hype as it is not some a pioneering gadget, but looks like a phone which will sell in large numbers with its price and decent features. Samsung is in fact the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world and one has been consistently producing superior quality Samsung handsets and accessories.
Samsung has inveterate the availability of S5600 touchscreen handsets in the European market, and this Smartphone has features like a haptic feedback; a 3MP camera; Bluetooth 2.1 as well as an FM radio.  Samsung has been pushing hard as the Korean company s looking at the midrange touchscreen market with its Samsung S5600. Samsung S5600 contracts are available with most UK networks.
It is not a surprise that Samsung want a share in the pie of this market segment, with the wonders in the sale of the LG Cookie. With no official word, we will have to wait for the pricing of the S5600. The handset will surely be a low-end completely touch-operated handset.


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