Samsung S3650 Corby: Simple But Relevant

Samsung CorbyThe Samsung S3650 Corby is a simple phone; there is no doubt about that fact. It is a mobile phone that accommodates the needs and wants of the youth but does not really provide anything that makes it stand out or shine. It is plain, and it is basic but it is also very relevant.

The Design

First of, the design of this 103 x 57 x 13 mm touchscreen phone is one that features a serious front with a fun and endearing back. The front of this mobile phone features its 2.8-inch touchscreen together with some dedicated keys, which (overall) provides a sophisticated and modern feel. Its back however, reveals revelry; it comes in a variety of hip and young back covers, ranging from the color pink, to the color yellow. Essentially, this phone marries sophistication with youthfulness perfectly.

Its Functionality

The Samsung S3650 Corby runs on the Touchwiz UI, which is a great interface for navigating the system, as well as for handling the different applications. It comes with a good 2.0-megapixel camera that has smile detection features, and video capture capability. It also has access to different social networking sites, an FM radio, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth connectivity, a multimedia player, and a whole lot more.

The Verdict

It is easy to see that Samsung has come out with a smartphone that does not really trump others in terms of its design or functionality. Where it does measure up is with regards to cost. This is a budget touchscreen that provides sufficient (albeit simple) style and functionality for a portion of the cost of other smartphones and it is this that truly makes it relevant to the lives of the youth.

Especially in times such as these, when money is hard to come by, great bargains are the main attractions, and there is not better bargain out there than the Samsung S3650 Corby.

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