Samsung Pixon 12: The First 12 Megapixel Camera Phone

Samsung-Pixon-12The mobile phone manufacturer Samsung Electronics has established its leadership in high megapixel camera phones market by presenting the Samsung Pixon12. It is one of the foremost 12 megapixel camera phone in the world.  The mobile handset is expected to hit the market from June end in the Europe and will be extended to other places by August.  This phone is an answer for users of mobile phone who want a stronger digital camera in their device. Samsung Pixon12 is expected to be packed with numerous functions related to digital photography, and will allow you to click, see and share photos very conveniently.
Samsung has been conducting continuing consumer research which has enabled them to develop this innovative camera phone that not only meets but exceeds the consumers’ expectations. Samsung Pixon12 is an excellent demonstration of camera phone with quick access to the camera, fast browsing, excellent speed of the shutter and a few other important features which users want to see in their phone cameras. Samsung has been busy after the Samsung Omnia to come with line-up, and have created the Samsung Jet and Samsung Pixon 12 on more practical lines.
It has been reviewed that both Samsung Jet and Pixon 12 have a very strong build quality, but the other operating features are just acceptable, though Jet has a 3D ‘cube’ user interface as a publicity stunt.  Most of the reviews are very impressed with the camera of Samsung Pixon 12 which has a reasonably high-quality auto-focus. You can get the best and numerous pictures in no time. It also has a committed camera Power Key that allows you quick one-touch contact with the functions of the camera. You can just aim and click the image when the camera is switched on, to capture images as quick as the sophisticated digital cameras of recent times. This device from LG also has the fast image saving option to make it easy to take the next shot, and you can shift to in just 2 seconds.

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